Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Career Exploration

The following career exploration days cover a wide variety of careers within the agriculture, food, and natural resources pathway.

Put yourself on the path to achieving your goals. Career fields in this pathway include: conservation, agriculture sales, veterinary medicine, precision agriculture, agronomy, landscaping, heavy equipment mechanics, natural resource preservation, and much more!

Explore the opportunities listed below, when you find the career exploration event you'd like to attend, write down its name so it is handy when you fill out your application.

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Career Exploration Experiences

Join us as we tour the Kinze Innovation Center and production facility, which showcases Kinze’s rich heritage and highlights the technology shaping the future of farming. We’ll highlight the many opportunities available in production fields such as welding, machine operation, assembly, powder-coat painting, and more. In addition to agricultural sales, engineering, and advanced manufacturing career paths. Cap of 24.

Come experience a day of learning how careers in agriculture have an impact on the future of feeding the world. You will understand the educational requirements needed in the fields of agricultural research, seed manufacturing and operational leadership.  Discover more about Bayer’s cutting-edge product development, from research to creating a final hybrid. If you are interested in crop science, supply chain manufacturing, or people leadership, this would be a great opportunity for you! Held Feb. 6, 2024. Cap of 20

Have you ever wondered what types of farming exist beyond the typical farming methods? Attend this job shadow to see how this business operates for profit on a sustainable small-farm. Experience the grown-not flown flower movement by learning about what it takes to raise, harvest and pick fresh-grown flowers. Come see the beauty for yourself at Promise and Blossom! Held April or May 2024.

Interested in a hands-on career where every day brings variety? Explore careers available within the Public Works Department. Public Works is a broad category of infrastructure projects conducted by the government for health and safety, recreation and economic benefit for the greater community. Learn about the various jobs that make up a Public Works Department, including: water treatment and management, wastewater treatment and management, landscaping and ground maintenance, equipment maintenance, and general public works. Two locations will be visited during this shadow. Locations are two miles apart so students need to be able to transport themselves from one location to the other. 

Learn details about what it takes to operate a row crop farm. Modern day agriculture is highly technical. We collect a large amount of data from our tractors, combines and other farm equipment. We use this data to help us make farming more sustainable, raise more crops and remain profitable. Modern day farming involves technology, people management, sustainable production practices, agronomy and business decisions. Come spend a day on the farm and learn what it takes to run a successful operation. For students interested in the following careers: agronomy, farm manager, ag mechanic, diesel mechanic, and heavy machinery operator. Cap of 15.

Have you ever wondered what a career in agriculture might look like? You will learn about small-scale vegetable farming, irrigation, soil fertility, and organic pest and disease control practices with hands-on experience. Held May 2024.

Explore the available STEM careers in the agriculture sector. If you know you’re interested in agriculture but you just want to know what opportunities are available, then this is the perfect job shadow for you. Learn more about becoming an agricultural or environmental engineer, agronomist, and a specialist in livestock. Hosted in April or early May 2024 at the ISU research farm in Crawfordsville. Cap of 10.

Hosted by Kirkwood’s Animal HealthTechnology program, learn about careers as a veterinarian, veterinary technician, and veterinary assistant. Hear from students currently enrolled in the program, speak with a veterinarian and experience interactive rotations including animal examinations, dental, x-ray, lab, and surgery. Cap of 40.  

Are you looking for a career where you can be out and about, not tied to an office? Do you like to be hands-on? Are you looking for a career where you can gain on the job training? Discover what it means to have a career as a heavy equipment mechanic, a fabricator (welder), a drilling service provider (for water wells) and a pump service provider. Observe a drill rig and a pump rig in action. Plus, learn about wells, aquifers and the importance of groundwater preservation. This is a full day experience from 9 a.m. - 3 p.m., multiple job sites may be visited as part of the shadow.

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