Institutional Effectiveness

Institutional Effectiveness

The Kirkwood Community College Institutional Effectiveness team administers processes whereby the college engages in ongoing self-evaluation in order to measure achievements and outcomes as they relate to Kirkwood's mission.

The department is responsible for facilitation and support processes involving Process Improvement, Institutional Research, The Innovation Fund, Strategic Planning, and Accreditation.

The culture of Institutional Effectiveness at Kirkwood is one of collaboration while holding each other mutually accountable toward goal achievement as we strive to make data-driven decisions and continuously improve to the benefit of Kirkwood students and community partners.

To ensure the quality of your education, Kirkwood follows the criteria established by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) in partnership with state and federal governments.

Key Performance Indicators (or KPIs) help Kirkwood Community College live up to its mission to ensure access to quality education, training, and lifelong learning with clear educational pathways that provide opportunities and support for all students to succeed through data.

The purpose of any strategic planning process is to evaluate the organization and provide direction for its future.

Institutional Research

Kirkwood's Institutional Research office works to develop data that informs decisions that advance the college’s goals through the collaborative creation and stewardship of knowledge.

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Process Improvement

Learn more about how the department can help with process improvement and application details for the Innovation Fund. Process improvement can result in a faster, better, more efficient and/or cost-effective way to deliver products, services, and support to customers.

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Innovation Fund

The Innovation Fund is designed to encourage and fund creativity, ingenuity, and new ideas that have potential to benefit at least one component of Kirkwood’s Learner Success Blueprint, including learner success, student experience, employee development, community impact, or operational excellence.

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Meet Our Staff

Wes Fowler
Title: Vice President, Human Resources and Institutional Effectiveness
Phone: 319-398-7797
Cort Iverson
Title: Senior Director, Institutional Research and Data Governance
Phone: 319-398-7116
Megan Thole
Title: Senior Director, Institutional Planning and Accreditation Liaison Officer
Phone: 319-398-7687
Victoria Dabler
Title: Program Manager, Institutional Planning
Phone: 319-398-5460
Saria Gassouma
Title: Coordinator, Institutional Effectiveness
Phone: 319-398-7631
Jen Hughes
Title: Compliance Reporting Manager
Phone: 319-398-5618
Melissa Kumle
Title: Research Analyst
Phone: 319-398-7112
Mark Schmidt
Title: Compliance Reporting Analyst
Phone: 319-398-5899 x4034
Cody Simpson
Title: Compliance Reporting Analyst
Phone: 319-398-2581
Becky Weininger
Title: Research Analyst
Phone: 319-398-7113
Ethan Wykert
Title: Program Manager, Data Governance
Phone: 319-398-7110


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