Benefits & Forms

Kirkwood Community College offers competitive benefits for its employees in an effort to maintain a competitive, talented workforce. 

If you're not sure what benefits you're eligible for or have specific questions about your benefits, feel free to reach out to either your supervisor or Human Resources

Whether you're full-time or part-time, this useful information and forms can help you learn about how to take advantage of your benefits.

Benefit Information & Forms

Learn more about the benefits you're entitled to as a full-time or part-time employee based on your role at Kirkwood Community College. 

Benefits Summaries

Learn more about how to use the medical, dental, and vision coverage available to you as a Kirkwood employee.  Find comparison information as well as benefits summaries and information about how to complete your annual enrollment. The health insurance forms can help you complete needed changes and claims to your policy. 

Health Insurance Information

Dental & Vision Plan Information

These resources can help you assess which retirement plan options are right for your needs. Reach out to Human Resources if you need more help with your retirement benefits.