This benefit is for Kirkwood employees and retirees only. Continuing education benefits are not provided for family members.


General Guidelines:
  • To register for Continuing Education courses, submit the form below.
  • This form is not required for employees taking CREDIT courses. FT employees should register through EagleNet or 5412 for assistance. PT employees requesting registration for a CREDIT class should complete the paper Class Registration Form for Part-time Credit Classes.
  • Kirkwood pays only tuition. Books, fees, and supplies are the responsibility of the employee.
  • Does not include travel programs or study abroad program fees.
  • No travel time will be paid to or from classes.
  • If employee is unable to attend a Continuing Education class, he/she must withdraw by phoning extension 5529 prior to the start date of the class. Failure to withdraw will forfeit that classes' portion of the benefit for the catalog period.
  • If you choose a class that is not eligible for this benefit, you will be contacted by a continuing education staff member notifying you that the class you have chosen is not eligible for this benefit.
Continuing Education Sessions (approximate dates):
Fall  9/12 - Jan 1
Winter Jan 2 - Mar 26
Spring Mar 27 - June 11
Summer June 12 - Sept 10

Full-time employee/Retiree Benefits:
Employees are limited to $250 worth of classes per Continuing Education session (four sessions a year). No carryover from one session to the next.

Part-time/Adjunct/CFA/Career Academy Benefits:
Employees may take two classes (either two credit; two continuing education classes - limited to $200 per class; or one of each) per academic year. 
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