Physical Therapist Assistant Current Students

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When you become a physical therapist assistant, you will help work with physical therapists to help people with physical disabilities. This is a rewarding career that requires important training, and Kirkwood helps prepare you well for this future.

Compliance information, details on registration and orientation, and more is available here for current students in the Physical Therapist Assistant program at Kirkwood.

Course registration information for Physical Therapist Assistant students is located below. Please read the following information that will be helpful when registering for your next semester classes:

  • Priority registration information has been sent to you via email for the upcoming semester.
  • Please choose one group and register for all courses listed, unless you are advised by program faculty to do otherwise.
  • Register for classes through MyHub.
  • Remember to run your degree audit (through MyHub) to ensure you are on track for graduation.

If you have prior Modalities or Physical Agents course, please submit course syllabus to the PTA program director for possible waiver credit. If course is waived, you will need to enroll in 1 credit lab course to demonstrate skills.

Questions? Call 319-398-5566 or visit Allied Health in 2164 Linn Hall for assistance.

The mandatory PTA Technical Program Orientation will be held on Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2021, from noon to 3 p.m. The Technical Program Orientation will be held in room 100 at the Linn County Regional Center, located at 1770 Boyson Rd., Hiawatha, IA 52411.

Please refer to the compliance section in the program handbook on Talon for the Physical Therapist Assistant Program.


Maggie Thomas, Physical Therapist Assistant Program Director


Do you have more questions about the Physical Therapist Assistant program, or want to dive deeper into program details? Read the student handbook, which you can access the student handbook by logging in to Talon.

Program Outcomes

When selecting a program for your future career as a physical therapist assistant, you'll want to choose one that prepares you well and sets you up for success. At Kirkwood, the proof is in the numbers.

In 2018, all graduates of the program passed the licensure exam—and the majority of students passed the exam on the first try. The few who didn't, passed on subsequent tries. 

In fact, all graduates of the Physical Therapist program passed the licensure exam in 2016 and 2017 as well. If you study to be a physical therapist assistant at Kirkwood, you will excel.

More Program Data

Year of Admit # Who Met Admissions Requirements # Admitted # Who completed program within 3 years of start date
2012 24 24 18
2013 24 24 15
2014 40 25 19
2015 27 24 17

Please note date ranges are from 08/01 through 07/31 for all reports

Year of Graduation Total # of graduates seeking employment # employed # Seeking additional education Percent employed
2015 13 13 0 100%
2016 14 12 0 86%
2017 16 14 0 94%
2018 20 18 0 90%
Year of Graduation Total # of graduates # who passed exam on first try # who passed on subsequent attempts Ultimate pass rate
2015 15 12 1 87%
2016 16 14 2 100%
2017 17 16 1 100%
2018 21 17 4 100%


Contact Allied Health 

2164 Linn Hall