Dental Hygiene Current Students

The Dental Hygiene program at Kirkwood prepares students to make a big difference with dental patients. As a dental hygienist, you will help prevent, detect, and treat diseases of the mouth. On their way to completing this program, current students should stay up to date on orientation, compliance guidelines, and board examinations details.

Keep these important requirements straight by reviewing the below information for current students in the Dental Hygiene program.

Technical Program Orientation

Compliance information will be presented during the first week of the Dental Hygiene classes with the fall term. Instructions will be given at the presentation on how to complete the compliance process for clinic eligibility. 

Please remember
Students DO NOT have to bring all compliance documents with them to Orientation. Compliance will be introduced at Orientation.

Keep in mind the following information when registering for your next semester classes:

  • Priority registration information has been sent to you via email for the upcoming semester.
  • Register for classes through MyHub
  • Remember to run your degree audit (through MyHub) to ensure you are on track for graduation.
    Questions? Call 319-398-5566 or visit Allied Health Department in 2164 Linn Hall for assistance.

Want more information regarding the Dental Hygiene program at Kirkwood, or have more questions about student life? The Dental Hygiene Student Handbook is a valuable resource for current students. It can be accessed by logging in to Talon.


Contact Allied Health 

2164 Linn Hall