Occupational Therapy Assistant Current Students

By studying in the Occupational Therapy Assistant program at Kirkwood, you will enter into a career where you help patients live independent lives. As you get started in this life-changing program, you'll need to review some important information about compliance, registration and orientation details.

Program Outcomes

In the three-year period of 2020-2022, the total number of graduates from Kirkwood Community College Occupational Therapy Assistant program was 51, with the overall graduation rate at 76%. To graduate, students must pass the NBCOT Certification Exam. 

For an even more detailed look at graduation success, detailed information about the number of students entering the program and graduating the program at Kirkwood dating as far back as 2013 can be viewed in the table below. 

You can also see the National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy’s comparison data for the pass rate for Kirkwood graduates attempting the national certification exam within 12 months irrespective of the number of attempts.

Graduation Rates

Academic Year Students Entering/Graduating Graduation Rate
2013 24/18 75%
2014 24/17 71%
2015 24/19 79%
2016 24/16 66%
2017 24/18 75%
2018 22/18 82%
2019 24/17 71%
2020 23/20 86%
2021 24/19 79%
2022 16/12 63%

Course registration information for OTA students is located below. Please read the following information that will be helpful when registering for your next semester classes:

  • Priority registration information has been sent to you via email for the upcoming semester
  • Register for classes through MyHub
  • Remember to run your degree audit (through MyHub) to ensure you are on track for graduation

Questions? Call 319-398-5566 or come to Allied Health Department in 2164 Linn Hall for assistance.

The mandatory OTA Technical Program Orientation will be held on Tuesday, August 16, 2022, starting at 10:00 am. The Technical Program Orientation will be held in room 100 at the Linn County Regional Center, located at 1770 Boyson Rd. Hiawatha, IA 52411.

Please refer to the compliance section in the program handbook on Talon for the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program.


Laura Green, Occupational Therapist Assistant Program Director



If you have more questions about the Occupational Therapy Assistant program at Kirkwood or want to dive into more details about the whole program, read through the handbook. The OTA Program Handbook can be accessed by current students by logging in to Talon.