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Available to assist international students, the Global Learning office serves as a "home away from home" offering specialized services, activities, and other personalized assistance to support specific groups and ensure that your time at Kirkwood is enjoyable and successful. 

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International students can obtain a wide array of academic support services through the Global Learning office, located in room 2008 Iowa Hall.

International advisors can provide referrals to Tutoring Services and the Writing Center for more specialized academic assistance.

International students may face challenges while adjusting to a new culture. International advisors can help you adjust to living in the U.S. and provide tips on how to achieve success during your studies.

The Global Learning office also works with other departments on campus to provide social and educational activities for international and domestic students on campus.

Contact Global Learning at 319-398-5579 to connect with an advisor or find out what's happening on campus. 

Kirkwood's international student advisor is here to help! Find answers to questions about your legal status in the United States.

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International Student Services

International students at Kirkwood Community College study in a wide variety of fields. If you're considering moving to a four-year institution after graduating from Kirkwood, you'll have many transfer options and scholarship opportunities.

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If you will be arriving in Cedar Rapids and need assistance, please contact the Global Learning office. Use this checklist to help you on your journey.

  • The nearest airport to Kirkwood is the Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids.

  • If you book your flight direct to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, then your flight to the Eastern Iowa Airport will be the final flight of your trip.

  • When you book for a motel or hotel, remember to book yourself in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Find out more about the greater Cedar Rapids area, things to do on campus, or activities around the region on our community life page.

If you need help filling out forms or have questions about which ones you need to complete, reach out to Global Learning at 319-398-5579 to get assistance.

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All F1 visa students are required to have health insurance coverage. If you already have coverage comparable to what is provided by Kirkwood Community College, please submit a copy of your policy to the Global Learning office at

Students without health insurance will be billed for Kirkwood’s health insurance. Failure to comply with the health insurance requirement can result in the loss of your status. 

Kirkwood Community College has many options for students to live near campus. Your admission letter will come with information about housing options for international students — if you'd like personalized assistance, contact Global Learning to help you secure a housing space prior to your arrival.

You can also wait until your arrival to choose housing; however, you may face limited options if you wait.

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International Student Orientation is mandatory for all new international students. The welcome packet you receive after being accepted to Kirkwood will include an orientation registration form. 

All About International Student Orientation

International students have holds on their registration which blocks them from registering until certain requirements have been met. During check-in at Global Learning, a staff member will sit down with you to provide a checklist of registration requirements so all your requirements to register can be met.

Immigration Hold

For new students, the international hold requires you to check-in and provide hard copies of all your immigration documents. Check-in can be accomplished by attending International Student Orientation or bringing the documents directly to the Global Learning Office, 2008 Iowa Hall.

With affordable tuition and a wide range of work options and scholarships available specifically for international students, Kirkwood offers one of the best educational values in the United States. 

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