Tuition & Scholarships

With affordable tuition and a wide range of services and scholarships available specifically for international students, Kirkwood offers one of the best educational values in the United States. 

Approximate Costs - I-20 Amount

  • Tuition and fees (two semesters) at 15 semester hours - $12,100
  • Books and Supplies - $1,000
  • Room and Board - $5,940
  • Personal - $1,600
  • Transportation - $900
  • Student Health Insurance (1 year) - $1,450
  • Total: $22,990


Even though international students aren't eligible to receive U.S. financial aid, we can still help make your time at Kirkwood more affordable!

#YouAreWelcomeHere Scholarship

 Global Citizen Scholarship  

    StudyIowa Scholarship     

CCID International Student Scholarship

Kirkwood Scholarship Office


Employment Opportunities

Interested in working on campus? See what jobs are available.

Find a Job on Campus

Kirkwood Student Gloria Wa Lumbu

“My instructors have really encouraged me when I doubted myself, telling me ‘You can do it!’ Even my classmates help and cheer me on!”

Gloria Wa Lumbu,
Democratic Republic of the Congo


Global Learning

Phone: 319-398-5579
On campus: 1154 Linn Hall