International Events and Programs

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International Events and Programs

Come Join the Fun

At Kirkwood, we celebrate International Education Week by planning activities all week featuring our commitment to international education. These events often include guest speakers, a showcase of student cultures, interactive activities, and film screenings. If you have ideas for International Education Week, please contact us.


The International Student Leadership Team is a group of students who are dedicated to the success and involvement of ELA and international students on campus.  The leaders participate in bi-weekly meetings with the International Student Advisor, help at international student orientation, promote programs and activities, and participate in two team-building events each year. 

A support family is a great source of support for international students. They are essentially your home away from home. They play a significant role in helping you adjust and get acculturated into the environment. They will also provide you with the experience of a typical life in the United States, including you in holiday celebrations and other family gatherings. If you're interested in being matched with a mentor family email or call 319-398-5579.

Orientation is required for all new international students and is offered the week prior to classes beginning in the spring, summer, and fall terms. Orientation is a wonderful opportunity to meet other new students, gain an overview of Kirkwood services and resources available, and prepare for a successful student experience!

Kirkwood Community College Global Learning selects a spotlight country for each month to be featured on campus as a Global Spotlight. Students are encouraged to volunteer their country for the spotlight. Those who volunteer for this program have the opportunity to decorate the display case outside of the Global Learning office with items reflecting their culture and country for one month.

In addition, a Global Spotlight presentation will be scheduled on campus so that the volunteer students have the opportunity to provide an hour-long presentation/demonstration/etc. about their country to the general Kirkwood campus community. These events are festive and allow for intercultural sharing and an opportunity for all of us at Kirkwood to learn about cultures around the world.

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