Advanced Welding Technologies

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Advanced Welding Technologies

Become a Career-Ready Welder

Looking for a career-ready degree? You’ve found it with the Advanced Welding Technologies program at Kirkwood.

Join passionate, certified instructors at one of the top weld testing and instructional facilities in the state and learn on top-of-the-line technology, including virtual reality welding.

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Kirkwood offers more than $3 million in scholarships for students each year. 

Students in this program may be eligible to have half their tuition paid for by the Kibbie Grant.

When you graduate, you'll be able to:

  • Work safely in a shop setting.
  • Perform math skills, blueprint, and fabrication skills.
  • Choose set up and troubleshoot for various welding processes.
  • Identify weld defects and causes.
  • Identify weld filler materials.

A one-hour program conference is required prior to acceptance to the program. You'll learn more about the program, specific admissions requirements and have the opportunity to have questions answered by program faculty and staff.

Program Costs


Program Entry Semester: Open 2021

Year One

Credits: 19 15 34
Tuition: $3,534 $2,790 $6,324
Fees: $1,396.34 $270 $1,666.34
Books: $201.50 $148.75 $1,066.25



Credits: 9 9
Tuition: $1,674 $1,674
Fees: $50 $50


Year Two

Credits: 18 15 33
Tuition: $3,348 $2,790 $6,138
Fees: $240 $690 $930
Books: $223.50 $266.50 $490




Costs provided are estimated and based on in-state tuition rates. Book cost estimates are for new books. Individual expenses may vary. These costs also do not factor in potential financial aid benefits. For a complete view of your specific cost expectation, visit our Cost Estimator Tool.
Included fees: Technology Fee, Lab Course Fees, Third Party Credentials, Class Related Supplies, and Ancillary Expenses (Tool Sets)
Current Tuition Rates per Credit Hour: $ 186 In-State; $ 249 Out-of-State; $ 372 International
Updated: 1/22/2021

Program Requirements

To get into the Advanced Welding Technologies program, you must complete the following, in addition to Kirkwood’s steps to become a student:

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Kirkwood's welding program requires you to study:

  • OSHA 10 - General Industry
  • Adult First Aid with CPR
  • Forklift 1, 3, 4, 5 and 7
  • 6G pipe carbon steel certifications
  • 3G vertical up with backing
  • Open-root certifications
  • The National Career Readiness Certificate

You can earn certifications to American Welding Society codes in several welding processes, including shielded metal arc welding, gas metal arc welding and, gas tungsten arc welding.

The specialized skill sets you’ll learn will prepare you to earn SENSE 1 and SENSE 2 level credentials from the American Welding Society after just two years.

Several of our programs are specifically set up to meet core requirements and smoothly transfer to a four-year school. That means you can start at Kirkwood and earn a bachelor’s degree in your field. Our transfer-level programs are:

  • UNI: Bachelor of Arts - Technology Management
  • University of Iowa: Bachelor of Applied Studies

Provides specialized skill sets and training that aligns with industry regulated practices in the field of welding. Our curriculum aligns with the AWS (American Welding Society) SENSE level accreditation. We offer third party AWS (American Welding Society) certifications allowing our students to be more prepared and employable for industry.


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