Take Courses to Transfer (Not Seeking a Kirkwood Degree)

Just need a few credits instead of a whole degree? No problem! Courses are offered that meet general education and major requirements. Take as many or as few courses as you’d like by choosing the “Not Seeking a Kirkwood Degree” option when you enroll to bypass the application requirements.

You can pick a few courses to transfer back to another institution rather than getting your degree at Kirkwood. Take a class during the summer or winter break, or even start a class after the start of term if you need to.

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Why Transfer Credits?

Program to program transfer between institutions can save you thousands of dollars in tuition and fees, especially when you follow articulation agreements that give you a checklist of what will transfer.

Take classes at Kirkwood that are part of these agreements to make the process easier. For specific courses, consult published transfer equivalencies to see how each course transfers and counts toward your degree. For equivalency information on colleges not given, please contact an advisor.

Both of these options should be done before you take the class so you’re not risking taking a class that won’t count toward your degree.

Tips for Transferring Credits

  1. Check with your college first. You might find that they require you to earn a minimum grade (typically a C, though some will accept a D or better) or have a maximum number of credits you can transfer (usually 60-90). Institutions also often require the course you’re taking at Kirkwood to be similar in content and scope to a course offered at your college or university.
  2. Many colleges and universities will transfer your credits but won’t count them as part of your GPA or class ranking. Be aware of your college’s policy if you’re trying to improve your GPA.
  3. Visit with your advisor to see how your transfer credits will affect your degree requirements. They can advise you on other steps to take – for example, requesting a degree audit.

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