Academic Advising Center

Academic Advising Center

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The Academic Advising Center helps currently enrolled students with their academic futures, from developing an academic plan to choosing the best courses to smoothly transfer to a four-year school. We can also help clarify course requirements or refer you to support services if needed.

Schedule an appointment whenever you face an important academic decision, need information about your academic options, or just want to talk through something that is important to you. Your advisor is "your person" at Kirkwood and forming a supportive relationship with you is core to helping you succeed.

We look forward to seeing you!

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Our credits transfer to just about any four-year university in the nation. In fact, Kirkwood students have gone on to four-year schools in all 50 states!

All About Transferring

If you have applied for admission at Kirkwood before and you want to change your major or return to take more classes, you'll need to log in to submit your request.

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Need to make adjustments to your class schedule? Before you add or drop a class, make sure you understand all of the rules and important deadlines—such changes can alter your tuition balance, academic progress, and more.

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Becoming a Student

Some programs fill up fast, so apply today! It’s free, fast, and easy. Select one program or area of emphasis, and you’ll receive a welcome email with instructions on how to access your Kirkwood k-number and additional information about completing the admission process.

Some programs have additional requirements. You will receive information from the program that will detail the steps to be accepted. Make sure you check your email! 


Be sure to have an official transcript from any other college(s) you have attended sent for evaluation toward your Kirkwood degree. Transcripts should be sent to:

Kirkwood Community College
Enrollment Office
6301 Kirkwood Blvd. SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

Orientation is mandatory for all new (degree-seeking) students and offered prior to the start of the term. During orientation, you'll work with academic advisors, current students, and professional staff members to get ready for your transition to Kirkwood.

Learn more about fulfilling the placement process here. The information you provide helps us make sure you get placed into the reading, writing, and math courses right for you.

While degree requirements vary according to program area, each degree includes core courses. See those here. For details on other requirements, please refer to the Liberal Arts Transfers page.

Expectations & Responsibilities

  • Assistance with initial placement in reading, writing, and mathematics courses.
  • Assistance developing academic plans appropriate to the major being pursued.
  • Clarification of courses required to complete an Arts & Science degree/transfer plans.
  • Provide information about transferring to four-year colleges and universities.
  • Referral to student support services.
  • Maintain confidentiality with student records.
  • Know college policies and procedures.
  • Read course descriptions/syllabi.
  • Build class schedules.
  • To ensure you have up-to-date transfer information, meet with your advisor
    each semester.
  • Complete course requirements for the degree or program being pursued.
  • Ask Kirkwood faculty/staff for assistance.

This meeting is about you and your progress toward graduation. Have questions ready that will help you make decisions about your next semester.

Honest questions are never silly questions! Maybe you need clarification on the difference between an A.A. and an A.S. degree. Maybe for the major you want to pursue, you won’t earn a degree – how will you figure this out? Ask your advisor. How much foreign language will you need in order to meet a university requirement? Ask your advisor. How close are you to graduating? Bring along your degree audit or a degree sheet and mark the courses that you have completed and are currently taking and then ask your advisor.

Arrive ready to talk about you and your current semester, your next semester, and what lies ahead after Kirkwood!

Frequently Asked Questions

You will find your advisor in MyHub by selecting “Support” and then the “Advising” tab.

Until you have earned 34 credit hours you will be prevented from registering for classes without meeting with your advisor. This is a good thing; advisors will assist you in selecting the appropriate classes.

Meet with your advisor whenever you have a question and most importantly each semester before Priority Registration begins.

Log in to MyHub and see who your advisor is by selecting “Support” and then the “Advising” tab

The AA and AS degree requirements do undergo changes. The year that you begin at Kirkwood assigns your catalog year and when changes happen they are put into effect for the upcoming catalog year.

You must be sure you are following degree requirements that match your catalog year otherwise you could be choosing courses that do not count toward your degree.

The best way to do this is to follow your degree audit and double check things with your advisor.

Priority Registration is a five-day window in which only enrolled students may register for the upcoming semester. It is based upon seniority, students with more credits can register before students with fewer credits.

You will be notified by the One Stop office via email as to what your day and time of Priority Registration is. It is important because it allows you to register before Kirkwood allows outside students the option of registering for classes.

You need to re-apply for admission, and should contact the department your major falls under.

Your grade point average is on your degree audit and your unofficial transcript which are accessible in MyHub

Kirkwood allows students to register for up to 18 credits in the fall and spring semesters and 12 in the summer. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should take as many as 18 or 12. Meet with your advisor to determine an acceptable credit load.

Yes! There is free study support (what we call tutoring) available in the Learning Commons.

Kirkwood may place various holds on your record that will prevent you from registering and dropping courses. You can view your holds by logging in to MyHub.

The office that has placed the hold will be listed with their contact number. You must contact that department to find out how you can clear the hold.

It is easy and free. Log in to MyHub, click on My Profile, and then Apply for Graduation.

You can see them by running your degree audit in MyHub.

Your advisor will sign your academic plan of study once you’ve completed it. If you have questions about the courses you have yet to take before graduating from Kirkwood, your advisor can show you what you have left to plan.

Once you complete the plan you will need to meet with your advisor in order to review it and have it signed. Your advisor will not fill out the plan of study for you, it is your responsibility. If you have questions about the appeal process, you must contact the Enrollment office.

If you are looking for a challenge and are interested in earning elective credit for your work, please look into our Honors Program. This program allows you to develop a project you earn credit for. It can also lead to additional scholarship opportunities.

You may also want to look into the Phi Theta Kappa organization. Members enjoy scholarship opportunities upon transferring to a four year college.


Academic Advising Center
2nd Floor Kirkwood Hall