Internship Portal

The next internship application portal will be open September 23, 2024 - November 1, 2024 at 3 p.m. for school year 2024-2025 second semester internships. High school juniors and seniors are eligible to apply.


All About Internships

Internships are a great way for high school students to get experience, gain new skills, and learn more about different jobs and career fields. Talk to your high school counselor to determine if an internship is right for you. Students in grades 11 and 12 in Benton, Cedar, Iowa, Johnson, Linn, and Washington Counties are eligible to apply.

High school juniors and seniors who participate in the internship program earn dual credit through Kirkwood Community College and their local high school. They experience career exploration onsite with a business/organization while learning professional development with WLC. Students need access to a device when participating in a WLC internship.

How to Apply Student Handbook

Why Apply for an Internship?

There’s no better way to learn skills related to your future career and the workplace in general. The internship program is a great way to develop skills in Professionalism, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Social Awareness, and Communication. Other reasons to pursue internships include:

  • Learning about a field before you commit to it. Get an inside look at jobs in the field you’re considering and figure out if it's a good fit for you.
  • You will earn dual credit while exploring a potential career. This can help you make decisions about your high school coursework and the investment in your post-secondary education.
  • Improving your resume for college, scholarship, and job applications.
  • Networking. Internships allow you to meet people at all levels of the company and those connections can be valuable.

Is an Internship Right For You?

There’s only so much you can learn in the classroom about what you want to do for a career. Internships are a great way to get a head start and explore the field you might go into.

It is required to have the internship included on your course schedule if taken during the school year. The internship can be completed during the school year and in the summer.

Students are required to apply and interview. Your high school counselor can assist you with the application process. Not all students are ready for an internship and may not be accepted into the program. While WLC staff consider all completed applications, not all applicants will receive an internship or their first choice of internship site.

You can apply for the internship program during the summer session before your junior year through the spring session of your senior year. Students who have graduated from high school are not eligible. Make it a great start and be sure you've done at least one job shadow before applying.

The internship program has basic expectations that fall under Essential Functions and Minimum Requirements. Those can be seen below in the next section with possible accommodations. Please see the internship descriptions for qualifications specific to each internship.


Essential Functions and Minimum Requirements

Standard Definition

The ability to perceive events realistically, to think clearly and rationally and to use this information to function appropriately in routine and stressful situations.

Ways to Demonstrate

*Measure, calculate, reason, analyze, integrate and synthesize in the context of the career.

*Learn through observation and ask questions when appropriate.

*Follow directions and safety standards


Alternative Actions and Potential Accommodations

*Do job shadows, take classes in an area, or volunteer to see if you have the skillset to go with the career interest.

*Sign up for virtual job shadows and watch career videos.

*See what other programs the school offers for career exploration if an aide is needed for success.

Standard Definition

The state of consistent performance or behavior that instills a feeling of reliance or trust.

Ways to Demonstrate

*Have excellent attendance at school.
*Adhere to schedule and attend to hours
*Arrive in a timely manner onsite and for meetings
*Turn in materials on time when complete

Alternative Actions and Potential Accommodations

*Get a part-time job to practice dependability.

*Ensure all absences and tardies are excused.

*Provide a reasonable explanation for unexcused absences and tardies. *Probation period for absences and tardies before placement.

Standard Definition

The ability to be free from control or influence of another or others and handle responsibilities without intervention.

Ways to Demonstrate

*Complete application and interview without assistance
*Communicate with the coordinator and host without assistance
*Set up 1-on-1 meetings with internship host
*Dress appropriately for the internship at all times
*Practice appropriate personal appearance and hygiene without intervention.
*Keep track of hours and self-advocate for opportunity
*Ask for help from coordinator and host when appropriate

Alternative Actions and Potential Accommodations

*Parent or other may prep/coach the student with assistance on the application and interviews.

*Parent or other may prep/coach the student with regard to professionalism in the workplace regarding such things as dress code or appropriate behavior.

*Parent or other provides transportation to/from internship (not attend)

Standard Definition

Communication abilities in spoken and written English sufficient for appropriate interaction with others in verbal and written form.

Ways to Demonstrate

*Engage in 1-on-1 meetings with internship host

*Participate in internship meetings with students from a variety of schools
*Send professional emails to coordinator/host

*Leave professional messages for coordinator/host

*Respond independently and in a timely manner to communication from coordinator/host
*Ask questions during internship when appropriate

*Complete the internship workbook

*Set up a professional email address and voicemail

Alternative Actions and Potential Accommodations

*Get a part-time job to practice communication.

*Instruction on how to write a professional email or leave a professional message.

*Receive help to set up a voicemail box.

*Set your phone to alert notifications of new messages.

*Practice small talk.

*Set employability goals around communication.

Standard Definition

Having time in a daily or weekly schedule for an internship.

Ways to Demonstrate

*Internships are typically 5-10 hours per week, Monday-Friday between 8:00 AM-5:00 PM.

*Keep coordinator abreast of scheduling changes

Alternative Actions and Potential Accommodations

*Ask counselor to arrange preferential scheduling during the school year.
*Arrange to take an online class opposite the internship to ensure hours if the internship doesn't work out.
*Job Shadows


Internship Requirements


Course requirements include:

  • Complete the Internship Agreement Form.
  • Complete the on-site hours as required.
  • Attend, be prepared for, and participate in the mandatory career development meetings sponsored by Workplace Learning Connection and complete any homework assigned.
  • Complete the Internship Workbook.
  • Complete Student Survey at the end of the session.

Workplace Learning Connection

Linn County Regional Center
1770 Boyson Road, Hiawatha, Iowa 52233

Kirkwood Regional Center at the University of Iowa
2301 Oakdale Blvd., Coralville, Iowa 52241

Iowa County Center
200 West St. Williamsburg, IA 52361