Vocational Individualized Training and Learning Services (VITAL)

A Network of Student Support Services

VITAL services are designed to meet the individual needs of high school special education students transitioning to post-secondary education. The goal is to help students continue on their path toward independence.  

At Kirkwood, VITAL services are provided by Grant Wood Area Education Agency staff. 

Personalized Services

A student’s individual support services are based on goals and accommodations developed by the student’s IEP team. These services are aligned to the student’s individual needs in his or her goal areas.

IEP services may include specially designed instruction, supplemental services, and accommodations based on their needs. Goal areas might include academic, social/behavioral, and work-based goals.

Who is Eligible?

Students receiving support through the VITAL network must meet the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled in a high school special education program
  • Be recommended by the IEP team
  • Have completed the necessary graduation requirements for their home district
  • Have unmet transition needs in learning and/or working

What Are the Expectations of Students?

  1. Regular attendance in the VITAL classroom
  2. Willingness to utilize support services
  3. Participation in mid-year and end-of-year conferences

Is Financial Aid Available for VITAL Services?

Funding for tuition and textbooks is provided through the student's local area school district, therefore the student is not eligible for Federal Financial Aid.

Consideration Process

A student’s IEP team helps monitor the transition needs of each student, and the transition planning begins during a student’s early high school years. Through the transition assessments in the areas of learning, living, and working, teams identify goals for each student.

As a senior, if it is confirmed that a student has unmet needs, the IEP team will consider how to address those needs. Many options should be considered as part of the transition process that will align services to meet the student’s needs.


Get More Information

For onsite assistance, please contact Brenda Cooley at 319-398-5448, or email brenda.cooley@kirkwood.edu. You can also contact the Program Administrator at Grant Wood AEA, Sam Hostetler at 319-399-6440 or email shostetler@gwaea.org.

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