Electroneurodiagnostic Technology

Electroneurodiagnostic Technology

State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Learning

Study electroneurodiagnostics (END) – a fascinating field focusing on the inner workings of the brain. Get ready to learn how to record the brain's most intricate electrical activity with EEG and help doctors diagnose strokes, headaches, sleep disorders, and more.

END Technology at Kirkwood is a cooperative program with the world-renowned Department of Neurology at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. It's one of the first programs of its kind in the U.S.

You'll graduate with in-demand skills to work in a hospital, outpatient clinic, or sleep center.

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Kirkwood offers more than $3 million in scholarships every year! The Electroneurodiagnostic Technology is legible for the Kibbie Grant.

The program takes two years to complete, including five semesters (68.5 total credit hours), one of which occurs over the summer.

END courses include:

  • Basic Medical Terminology
  • Introduction to Electroneurodiagnostics
  • Neurodiagnostic Procedures
  • Sleep Technology

A one-hour program conference is required prior to acceptance to the program. You'll learn more about the program, specific admissions requirements and have the opportunity to have questions answered by program faculty and staff.


Program Costs

Electroneurodiagnostic Technology 

School Year: 2024–2025

Program Entry Semester: Fall (Program utilizes multiple starts dates for students rather than fall or spring semesters specifically.)

Pre-Reqs Fall Spring Summer Fall Spring Total
Credit Hours per Semester 5.5 13.5 16 6 15.5 12 68.5
In-State Tuition $1,193.50 $2,929.50 $3,472 $1,302 $3,363.50 $2,604 $14,864.50
Technology Fee per Semester $50 $50 $50 $50 $50 $50 $300
Clinical Expenses (mileage, lodging, screenings, etc.) $0 $788 $288 $288 $288 $288 $1,940
Conferences/Seminars $0 $0 $35 $0 $0 $35 $70
Course Resources (textbooks, software, etc.) $190 $750 $380 $125 $170 $390 $2,005
Course/Section Fees $0 $15 $10 $0 $0 $0 $25
Laptop (required devices) $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Testing Fees $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Third Party Credentials $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Tool Sets $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0
Uniforms $0 $75 $0 $0 $0 $0 $75
Other $0 $86 $0 $0 $0 $0 $86
Total Estimated Cost $1,433.50 $4,693.50 $4,235 $1,765 $3,871.50 $3,367 $19,365.50


Costs provided are estimated and based on the following current tuition rates: $217 (In-State), $290 (Out-of-State), $400 (International).

Fees and costs are subject to change.

To view all costs associated with attending college visit our Tuition and Costs page.

Additional Program Requirements

To get into the Electroneurodiagnostic Technology program, you must meet the following additional standards. These steps/requirements are in addition to Kirkwood's steps to become a student.

  • Attend a program conference
  • Apply to the program
  • You will need to arrange an Electroneurodiagnostic Clinic visit. Information on the visit will be presented at the program conference.
  • Have placement test scores or course equivalents on file with the Allied Health office
  • Completion of pre-requisite courses with a C or better:
  • Basic Medical Terminology (2.5 credits)
    • or Medical Terminology (4 credits)
  • Fundamentals of Oral Communication (3 credits)
    • or Communication for Health Care Professionals (3 credits)
    • or Public Speaking (3 credits)

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Students in Kirkwood's Electroneurodiagnostic Technology program are encouraged to join the Kirkwood chapter of HOSA, a global student-led organization exclusively for students enrolled in health science education and biomedical science programs or have interests in pursuing careers in health professions.

HOSA is one of eight recognized members of the National Coordinating Council for Career and Technical Student Organizations (NCC-CTSO)CTSOs are co-curricular groups that help students in career and technical education programs further their knowledge and skills by participating in activities, events, and competitions.

What career could this lead to?

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END graduates get great jobs! Our innovative coursework, knowledgeable faculty, and unique partnership with the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics delivers great outcomes for Kirkwood END graduates:

Year Number of
program graduates
Number employed
after graduation
Number decided
to not pursue END
2021 4 4 0
2022 8 7 1
2023 9 9 0
3-Year Totals 21 20 1


The Electroneurodiagnostic Technology program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs upon the recommendation of the Committee on Accreditation for Education in Neurodiagnostic Technology.

Successful completion of this program leads to a professional licensure or certification. View the state listing guide to identify which Kirkwood program fulfills state guidelines for professional licensure and certification.


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