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About Us

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For 50 years, Kirkwood has been a talent pipeline for in-demand jobs in Eastern Iowa. Community colleges were born to foster economic growth through skills training. This has evolved to include administering workforce programs and small business development. Today, we offer a range of services for businesses of all sizes.

To support that goal, Kirkwood Corporate Training hosts an annual Instructor Showcase, featuring subject matter experts who are transitioning in their career as trainers. Each trainer gives a 20-minute preview of their expertise area. If you are interested in learning about new talent in the training realm, hot new training topics, and - of course - popular training topics, then this is the event for you! 

Updated event information coming soon!

Why Choose Kirkwood? 

In 1987, we expanded our business services as Kirkwood Corporate Training, formerly Kirkwood Training and Outreach Services. Since then, Kirkwood has become the go-to resource in Benton, Cedar, Iowa, Johnson, Jones, Linn and Washington counties. We’ve helped hundreds of companies with workforce training and expansion, culture changes, streamlining processes and strategic plan development. Our 30 years of experience means proven approaches custom-created to suit your needs.

Meet Our Team

Amy Lasack
Title: Senior Director of Training & Outreach Services
Phone: 319-398-5435
Email: amy.lasack@kirkwood.edu
Dan Felton
Title: Program Sales Manager
Phone: 319-398-5470
Email: dan.felton@kirkwood.edu
Paulette Milewski
Title: Program Director
Phone: 319-398-7685
Email: paulette.milewski@kirkwood.edu
Ashley Grimm
Title: Transportation Liaison
Phone: 319-398-7130
Email: ashley.grimm@kirkwood.edu
Barb Rawson
Title: Program Developer
Phone: 319-398-2754
Email: barbara.rawson@kirkwood.edu
Kylie Gudenkauf
Title: Program Developer
Phone: 319-398-5888
Email: kylie.gudenkauf@kirkwood.edu