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Getting Started

MyHub ( ) is the simplest and fastest way we recommend to login to your student email. Once you login to MyHub, use the student email link to automatically login to your email account.

Other options

If you want to receive student email notifications on your mobile device or have your student email sent directly to your email app you are already using, there are options available for that too. You can download the free Microsoft Outlook App or use your device's native email app.

What do I need?

Setup Overview

  1. You need to have first set up your kirkwood account before you can login to your student email.
  2. Your email account must also be set up prior to adding it up to your phone. You will need to enter your phone number or a personal email address. You will also need to setup security questions to securely setup your email. Simply login to your student email if you haven't yet and follow the on screen instructions to complete your email account setup. Please make note of your emaill address as it may be required in a next step.
  3. Follow Microsoft's Office 365 email setup instructions to set up your email for your device. You will need the followiong:
    1. Username. This is your k-number in addition to the @ and the student email domain name ( For Example, if your knumber is k0999999, your user name would be:
    2. Password. This is the same password you used with your k-number to setup your email and your k-number account.
    3. Email Address: Please follow step 2 to verifiy your student email. Your email address could contain a number. Ex.
    4. Server:


Having trouble? Reset your password.
If you are exeriencing issues accessing your student email or have any questions, please contact our Student Help Desk
(319) 398-7624 or 1-800-634-6581

The Student Helpdesk is located at the Allsop Computer Lab which is in room 131 of Nielsen Hall.

The availability of remote email service and the student email instructions are subject to change without notice.