Your K-Number

Your k-number is your official Kirkwood ID. You received your k-number when you were accepted to Kirkwood (provided in your welcome letter). It's a lower case letter “k” followed by seven numbers (for example, k0000000).

You'll use your k-number to:

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Your k-number is very important!

Write it down and keep it in a safe place, just like you would other important information.

Sometimes your k-number is called your User ID, Log In ID, or College ID. No matter the name, the number is the same! When you’re asked for an official Kirkwood ID, use your k-number.

If you can't find your k-number, please use the look up button above. Once you complete the form, you'll receive an email containing your k-number at the email address we have on file for you. If your email address is not on file, you will need to go to any Kirkwood service counter and provide a photo ID to get your k-number.


Student Help Desk

Phone: 319-398-7624 or 800-634-6581


Allsop Computer Lab
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