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The Admissions Team is excited to welcome you! We're looking forward to showing what a warm, welcoming place our campus is.

With our decades of service and passion, you'll see why Kirkwood is the best place to start your future.

Mike Espinoza, Director of Admissions

Mike EspinozaWorked at Kirkwood since 2019

Hometown: North Liberty, Iowa

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Theatre from St. Olaf College, Master of Arts, Master of Education, Counseling and College Student Development from DePaul University

Why Kirkwood? Kirkwood is a world-class institution that prides itself in providing an education that is accessible to everyone.

Favorite Place on Campus: The main entrance to Linn Hall. There’s an amazing piece of art there — a giant globe — which is magnificent and captivating. I love to stand in front of the “world” and reflect — plus the globe was originally located in the Eastern Iowa Airport (here in Cedar Rapids), so it’s a local piece of history, which is really cool!

Advice for Kirkwood Applicants: Get to know your admissions advisor. Kirkwood’s admission staff has over 35 combined years of service and experience here at Kirkwood. Each advisor is fully prepared and committed to personally support you throughout your journey no matter where you are in the process. The more support you have the better prepared you’ll be.

Contact Mike: 319-398-5575 or at

Mark Ash, Adult Admissions Advisor

Mark Ash, Kirkwood AdmissionsWorked at Kirkwood since 2004

Hometown: Elgin, Iowa

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Loras College

Why Kirkwood?: We’re one of Iowa’s best educational values. Students have the option of studying short-term, in-demand programs or taking transferable classes if pursuing a four-year degree.

Favorite Place on Campus: The view from my office in Iowa Hall. Gazing out my window, you would never know you’re on a community college campus.

Advice for Kirkwood Applicants: Wherever you go, whatever you do, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Contact Mark: 319-398-5543 or at

Shannon Feldermann, Admissions Advisor

Shannon Felderman, Kirkwood AdmissionsWorked at Kirkwood since 2005

Hometown: Galena, Illinois

Education: Bachelor of Arts from Western Illinois University, Master of Arts in Education from Iowa State University

Why Kirkwood?: We are the BEST! We are a selective, nationally-recognized community college that provides both a quality education and a four-year college experience… all while carrying a very low price tag! 

Favorite Place on Campus: Nielsen Hall. It’s a nice quiet hall with a lot of natural light that overlooks campus. Nielsen Hall is the perfect place to unwind with a cup of coffee from The Café.

Advice for Kirkwood Applicants: Apply early! It opens the communication lines so that you don’t miss any important deadlines! Also, apply for scholarships. There is a lot of scholarship money that goes untouched because students don’t apply. If you have questions, ask! We can’t help you if we don’t know that you need help.

Contact Shannon: 319-398-7680 or at

Nick Kettmann, Admissions Advisor

Nick Kettman, Kirkwood Admissions'08 Kirkwood Grad; Worked at Kirkwood since 2011

Hometown: Bellevue, Iowa

Education: Associate of Arts from Kirkwood Community College, Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from the University of Northern Iowa, Masters of Education with an emphasis in Higher Education and Community College Leadership from Iowa State University

Why Kirkwood?: Kirkwood provides a university-like experience at an affordable cost. Students receive personal attention and gain opportunities that will open many doors to their futures. I had an amazing experience as a Kirkwood student which laid the groundwork to success when I transferred and carried into my professional career. Go Eagles!

Favorite Place on Campus: The Rec Center, I was heavily involved in Intramurals as a student and spent many nights playing pick-up basketball games in the Recreation Center. The Rec provides a fun and active atmosphere to meet up with current friends while making new ones.

Advice for Kirkwood Applicants: Get involved! Kirkwood provides countless opportunities; all you need to do is take the initiative and capture them. Your college experience is what you make of it so have a blast!

Contact Nick: 319-398-5656 or at

Tyler Poldervaart, Admissions Advisor

Tyler Poldervaart, Kirkwood AdmissionsWorked at Kirkwood since 2020

Hometown: Fort Dodge, Iowa

Education: Associate of Arts from Iowa Central Community College, Bachelor of Business Administration in Management from Mount Mercy University, and Master of Strategic Leadership from Mount Mercy University

Why Kirkwood?: We provide an experience that combines the many opportunities available at a large institution; while also embracing the student-centered community found at a small college or university.

Favorite Place on Campus: The newly renovated Iowa Hall (soon-to-be finished). I love encountering interactions between students, faculty, and staff in a laid-back environment.

Advice for Kirkwood Applicants: Get out there and visit the schools you are interested in. You will know better than anyone else which college or university is the best fit for you!

Contact Tyler: 319-398-5612 or at

Tim Sandquist, Admissions Advisor

Tim Sandquist, Kirkwood AdmissionsHead Men’s Basketball Coach; worked at Kirkwood since 2019

Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

Education: Bachelor of Arts in History from University of Nebraska Omaha, Master of Arts in Recreational Administration from the University of Nebraska Omaha

Why Kirkwood?: Kirkwood has a tradition of excellence that is unmatched. Whether it’s on the court, or in the classroom, Kirkwood Eagles accomplish incredible things.

Favorite Place on Campus: Johnson Hall, of course! It’s home to the Eagle Empire, which has brought home 11 National Championships — including the 2019 men’s and 2017 women’s basketball titles, as well as more than 70 Region XI Championships.

Advice for Kirkwood Applicants: Be willing to get out of your comfort zone!

Contact Tim: 319-398-5522 or at