Threat Assessment Team

Safety For All

Kirkwood Community College’s Threat Assessment Team strives to provide the safest possible environment for our students, faculty, staff, and other community members. The responsibility of the team includes responding to reported concerns and developing assessment and prevention programming to maintain adequate protocols for campus safety.

What Does the Threat Assessment Team Do?

The Threat Assessment Team serves as a point of contact for students, faculty, staff, and other members of the community who are aware of, or are experiencing threatening or potentially threatening behavior. 

When a concern is brought to the attention of the time, the team serves to gather factual information as well as review and investigate the concerns. Threat Assessment Team responsibilities also include facilitating a timely and reasonable response to the issue. 

When Should I Contact the Threat Assessment Team?

You might notice these “red flag” indicators:

  • Harassing, threatening, or stalking behavior
  • Contact (letter, e-mail, phone call, voicemail, or face to face visit) that makes a hostile reference to faculty, staff, student, or other Kirkwood community members
  • Open displays of agitation and disruptive behavior toward faculty, staff, student, or within Kirkwood, regardless of whether a threat is made
  • Preoccupation/fascination with violence or previous incidents of violence
  • Unsolicited comments about firearms or other dangerous weapons
  • Makes statements of intent to harm self or others
  • Makes reference to committing a violent act

Get Help

If you experience troubling or threatening behavior/inappropriate communications or if you become aware of the same, during normal business hours, contact:

If the threat is immediate, call Public Safety anytime at 319-398-7777.

Kirkwood Public Safety