The role of the Finance department is to efficiently and effectively manage the financial resources and activities of the college. The essential operations of the Finance department ensure long-term institutional financial sustainability while assisting students and staff with their business needs. 

The Finance department is separate from Financial Aid. If you have questions regarding financial aid, please call 319-398-7600.

Financial Resources

Areas of responsibility include vendor setup/maintenance, auditing, processing of invoices, and payments for Kirkwood Community College.

Areas of Specialty:

  • W9 – Request for taxpayer identification number and certification
  • Payment enrollment options
  • Vendor address maintenance
  • Vendor Tax ID update

For questions regarding the areas of specialty listed above, please call 319-398-7748 or email

Areas of Specialty:

  • Iowa sale/use/excise tax exemption certificate
  • Invoice processing
  • Payment processing
  • 1099 tax forms

For questions regarding the areas of specialty listed above, please call 319-398-4993.

Areas of Specialty

For questions regarding the areas of specialty listed above, please call 319-398-5631 or email

Request for Proposal – An RFP is used to solicit bids from qualified vendors and identify which vendor might be best qualified to complete the project.

An RFP is used when the request requires technical expertise or specialized capability, or where the product or service being requested does not yet exist and the proposal may require research and development to create whatever is being requested. The RFP presents preliminary requirements for the commodity or service and may dictate to varying degrees the exact structure and format of the supplier’s response.

The RFP:

  • Informs suppliers that an organization is looking to procure and encourages them to make their best effort.
  • Requires the company to specify what it proposes to purchase.
  • Alerts suppliers that the selection process is competitive.
  • Allows for wide distribution and response.
  • Ensures that suppliers respond factually to the identified requirements.
  • Is generally expected to follow a structured evaluation and selection procedure so that an organization can demonstrate impartiality — a crucial factor in public sector procurements.

For purchases of $100,000 or greater:

  • Requires a Request for Proposal to solicit bids from qualified vendors. Please reference College Procedure 730.5 – Request for Proposal to ensure all necessary steps are completed for the RFP. 
  • Construction-related purchases will follow Chapter 26 of the Iowa Code for a sealed bid.
  • Nonconstruction-related purchases will proceed as follows:
    • The purchase request must be approved by the Board of Trustees before issuing the notice to bidders.
    • Once approved by the board, a notice to bidders must be published within 10 business days in a newspaper of general circulation.
    • Sealed bids are required and will be reviewed on the published due date and at a location open to the public.
    • Once the selection is made, the purchase is authorized and a purchase order may be generated. Board approval of the selection is not necessary prior to the purchase order being issued.
    • The board will be advised of the result of the bids and winning vendor at the next board meeting following the selection of the winner.

For questions regarding RFPs, please call 319-398-5555 or email

Areas of Specialty:

  • Budget management
  • Budget videos (VOD)
  • Budget input forms
  • Financial reporting

For questions regarding the areas of specialty listed above, please email

View the FY2024 Budget Book.

Enterprise Services provides financial accounting support to the following college-related entities.

  • The Hotel at Kirkwood Center
  • The Café
  • Retail Operations

For accounting questions relating to the entities listed above, please call 319-398-5462. You may also email your questions to one of the following: or

Areas of responsibility include PCard applications, issuance, and monitoring of PCard activity for Kirkwood Community College.

Areas of Specialty:

Cardholder administration

  • PCard application and maintenance form updates
  • PCard renewals

Assistance with lost or stolen cards, fraudulent transactions, and disputes

For questions regarding the items listed above, please call 319-398-7748.


Areas of responsibility include administering, monitoring, and reporting of grant activity as required by various external funders. 

Areas of Specialty:

Grant compliance

  • Validate allowable expenditures specific to each grant's requirements

Grant reporting

  • Ensure timely completion of reporting as required by the funder

For questions regarding the items listed above, please call 319-398-7671.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at this time due to construction on main campus. The college is evaluating whether this service will return post-construction.

The quickest way to get to Kirkwood is to enter the campus via the South Entrance off of Kirkwood Boulevard.

  • I-380 North: use Exit 13, turn left on Kirkwood Boulevard
  • I-380 South: use Exit 16, turn right on Kirkwood Boulevard
  • Highway 30 East: take the Kirkwood Boulevard exit, turn left
  • Highway 30 West: take the Kirkwood Boulevard exit, turn left

Kirkwood no longer issues blue permit parking stickers. Parking on campus is first come, first served unless otherwise noted.

  • You can put the payment in the envelope and mail it. Payments may also be made to the cashier (The Kirkwood Center, Suite 109). Inquiries related to a parking violation should be directed to 319-398-5491. Unpaid fines will result in a “hold” being placed on your Kirkwood records. Parking violations may be appealed at the Facilities office on main campus.
  • Examples of fines: double-parking, parking in no parking zones, unauthorized use of handicapped spots, etc.
  • Fines are also imposed for smoking on campus

Go online to MyHub and log in using your k-number and password. You will see your balance under the Account Summary section on MyHub.

To view your bill, click on “My Bill” located under the student links section.

To see payment options, go here.

Please contact Kirkwood’s collection agency, The Hauge Group, at 800-284-3131.

Yes, we do participate in the State Setoff Program. Outstanding balances will be submitted to the Setoff Program at the same time we submit to collections.

 The State Setoff Program matches people and businesses who owe delinquent (past due) debts with money from casino winnings, sports wagering, or that public agencies are paying (for example, a tax refund). To the extent allowed by law, when a match happens, the Iowa Department of Revenue withholds (setoffs) money to pay the delinquent debt. Iowa Code 421.65 directs the Iowa Department of Revenue to establish and maintain procedures to collect and set off delinquent debt owed.

For more information on the Setoff Program, including how it works and frequently asked questions, visit the Iowa Department of Revenue website.



The Kirkwood Bookstore/EagleTech, managed by Lee Grimley, is the official on-campus retailer of education-supporting resources and materials. Revenue generated from operations directly supports facilities and services at Kirkwood.

Bookstore contact:

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Iowa Equestrian Center

The Iowa Equestrian Center hosts competitive and educational events and offers a certificate program through Kirkwood Continuing Education. Under the management of Renee Price, the center’s operations help support facility improvements and other Kirkwood initiatives.

Equestrian Center contact:

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The Hotel at Kirkwood Center

The Hotel at Kirkwood Center is a AAA Four Diamond luxury teaching hotel. Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management students that attend Kirkwood complete their on-the-job clinical hours within this setting. The Hotel is a self-sustaining enterprise, relying solely on revenue generated from retail services.

The Hotel at Kirkwood Center contact:

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Risk Management

The Department of Risk Management is responsible for administering risk management and insurance programs for Kirkwood. This includes insurance that covers property and liability risks, such as buildings, equipment, fine art, liquor liability, and vehicles.

Risk Management Contact:

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Leadership Team

The following individuals are responsible for the management and/or financial oversight of Kirkwood-supported operations.


Danielle Pickering
Title: Senior Director, Finance and Accounting
Phone: 319-398-4994
Casey Dunning
Title: Senior Director, Finance and Accounting
Phone: 319-398-7172
Sarah Schrobilgen
Title: Senior Director, Finance and Accounting
Phone: 319-398-7606

Administrative Services

Jackie Bohr
Title: General Manager, The Hotel at Kirkwood Center
Phone: 319-848-8701
Lara Buckles
Title: Director, Risk Transfer
Phone: 319-398-4495
Lee Grimley
Title: Manager, Retail Operations
Phone: 319-398-4999
Erin Brokel
Title: Manager, Iowa Equestrian Center
Phone: 319-398-7107

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The Kirkwood Center
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