I am a New Student

If you have earned college credit while in high school
but have not attended Kirkwood since you completed high school,
please apply for admission.

I am a Current/Returning Student

If you have applied for admission before
and you want to change your major,
or return to take more classes,
please log in and submit your request.

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For your security we require you to login before changing your major. If you do not remember your login information you can refer to the links below or contact our Student Help Desk for additional assistance.

You are allowed two major changes within 120 days. We suggest you contact a career specialist or counselor who can assist you in choosing a major. Please visit: http://www.kirkwood.edu/counseling for more details or call 319-398-5540 to make an appointment.

Please login with your EagleNet User ID and Password.

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International Student?
If you are an international student without an SSN and do not have a password, email international@kirkwood.edu stating your full name, K number and your selected major.