Liberal Arts Online

Liberal Arts Online

Start Your Future on Your Terms

Study in the Liberal Arts provides an opportunity to explore multiple perspectives, develop in-depth critical thinking, and broaden your knowledge across a variety of disciplines and interest areas.

Plus, flexible, online class formats at Kirkwood now give you the chance to complete your entire Liberal Arts degree online!

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If you’re planning to take all of your classes online, you'll still need to register for orientation. We have an orientation program specifically tailored to online students.

Aside from earning a general Liberal Arts degree, students can also earn other degrees and certificates 100% online — or just take individual online classes — in a variety of academic interest areas.

Kirkwood is the smarter, more affordable way to start your 4-year degree. We have more than $3 million in scholarships available for students each year, and financial advisors who can help you utilize various additional forms of financial aid.

Kirkwood credits successfully transfer to almost any 4-year institution across Iowa and the entire country — including guaranteed credit transfers to the University of Iowa, Iowa State, and UNI.

Shristi Thapa

“I started at another school and found it wasn’t right for me. I transferred to Kirkwood and discovered it’s the perfect place for me. I can already see how coming here will help me transition to a 4-year college.”

Shristi Thapa,
Iowa City, Iowa


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