Plumbing Pre-Apprenticeship

Plumbing Pre-Apprenticeship

Prepare to Enter the Plumbing Industry

The hands-on Plumbing Pre-Apprenticeship program provides entry-level skills and knowledge for students preparing to enter the plumbing industry.

Our internships link students with employers with over 90 percent of internships leading directly to full-time employment. Program graduates have nearly a 100 percent employment placement rate into the plumbing industry.

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Graduates of the Plumbing program will be able to:

  • Protect themselves and others
  • Communicate effectively with others
  • Read, interpret and maintain drawings and specifications
  • Design plumbing systems
  • Plan and prepare for the project
  • Install pipe, fittings valves and supports
  • Install fixtures, equipment and appliances
  • Test and activate plumbing systems

Completion of a program conference is required to be admitted to the program. You’ll learn more about the program as well as specific admissions requirements.

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Program Costs

Plumbing Pre-Apprenticeship

School Year: 2024–25

Program Entry Semester: Fall

Fall Spring Total
Credit Hours per Semester 17 18 35
In-State Tuition $3,689 $3,906 $7,595
Technology Fee per Semester $50 $50 $100
Clinical Expenses (mileage, lodging, screenings, etc.) $0 $0 $0
Conferences/Seminars $0 $0 $0
Course Resources (textbooks, software, etc.) $610.50 $425.24 $1,035.74
Course/Section Fees $250 $250 $500
Laptop (required devices) $0 $0 $0
Testing Fees $0 $0 $0
Third Party Credentials $0 $50 $50
Tool Sets $500 $0 $500
Uniforms $0 $0 $0
Other $85 $0 $85
Total Estimated Cost $5,099.50 $4,681.24 $9,780.74


Costs provided are estimated and based on the following current tuition rates: $217 (In-State), $290 (Out-of-State), $400 (International).

Fees and costs are subject to change. To view all costs associated with attending college visit our Tuition and Costs page.

Program Requirements

To get into the Plumbing Pre-Apprenticeship program, you must complete the following, in addition to Kirkwood’s steps to become a student:

More Program Information

Classes in the first semester focus on safety, hand and power tools, materials, pipe joining methods, code book layout, plan and print reading, and trade calculations. Hands-on classes concentrate on pipe joining, pipe materials, and basic pipe fitting practices.

The second semester covers plumbing code requirements, installation requirements for drain, waste and vent systems, water pipe systems, gas pipe systems, gas venting systems, cross connection, and backflow prevention. The hands-on class includes design and construction of a three-fixture washroom group and testing and troubleshooting backflow prevention devices.

Students pursuing the Plumbing Pre-Apprenticeship Diploma are encouraged to join the Kirkwood chapter of SkillsUSA, a workforce development organization for students with nearly 400,000 members nationally. 

SkillsUSA is one of eight recognized members of the National Coordinating Council for Career and Technical Student Organizations (NCC-CTSO). CTSOs are co-curricular groups that help students in career and technical education programs further their knowledge and skills by participating in activities, events, and competitions.

State and federal aid may be used for this diploma.

  • National Career Readiness Certificate
  • Plumber
  • Plumbing service technician

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Identify and provide up-to-date and relevant learning opportunities relating to the plumbing industry in order to gain employment and to promote personal and professional growth.


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