Build a Strong Foundation in Carpentry

Kirkwood's Carpentry program prepares students to enter the skilled building trades. Students are given a hands-on intensive introduction to the skills used by carpenters. Your classroom experience combines lecture and lab activities that cover all aspects of a carpenter’s job.

After you complete the carpentry program, you can continue your education with an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree in Construction Management.

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Paying for your degree may be easier than you think with our financial aid and scholarships. Students in this program, full or part-time, may be eligible to have half of their tuition paid for by the Kibbie Grant!

Graduates of the Carpentry program will be able to:

  • Prepare estimates for construction projects.
  • Analyze and interpret architectural plans and specifications.
  • Observe safety rules and regulations.
  • Use hand tools, portable power tools, and equipment correctly and safely.
  • Apply measurement systems in the planning and layout processes used in the construction industry.
  • Understand the opportunities, training, and educational requirements available in carpentry and construction technology.
  • Identify the names, properties, and appropriate use of materials and supplies used in carpentry.
  • Use the procedures, techniques, and processes involved in carpentry.
  • Analyze and solve problems related to the Carpentry and Construction Industry.

Completion of a program conference is required to be admitted to the program. You’ll learn more about the program as well as specific admissions requirements.

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Program Costs


School Year: 2024–25

Program Entry Semester: Fall

Fall Spring Total
Credit Hours per Semester 18 14 32
In-State Tuition $3,906 $3,038 $6,944
Technology Fee per Semester $50 $50 $100
Clinical Expenses (mileage, lodging, screenings, etc.) $0 $0 $0
Conferences/Seminars $0 $0 $0
Course Resources (textbooks, software, etc.) $699.75 $0 $699.75
Course/Section Fees $310 $265 $575
Laptop (required devices) $0 $0 $0
Testing Fees $0 $0 $0
Third Party Credentials $59 $0 $59
Tool Sets $1,000 $0 $1,000
Uniforms $1,375 $0 $1,375
Other $0 $0 $0
Total Estimated Cost $7,399.75 $3,353.00 $10,752.75


Costs provided are estimated and based on the following current tuition rates: $217 (In-State), $290 (Out-of-State), $400 (International).

Fees and costs are subject to change. To view all costs associated with attending college visit our Tuition and Costs page.

Program Requirements

To get into the Carpentry program, you must complete the following, in addition to Kirkwood’s steps to become a student:

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Students in Kirkwood's Carpentry program are encouraged to join the Kirkwood chapter of SkillsUSA, a workforce development organization for students with nearly 400,000 members nationally. 

SkillsUSA is one of eight recognized members of the National Coordinating Council for Career and Technical Student Organizations (NCC-CTSO). CTSOs are co-curricular groups that help students in career and technical education programs further their knowledge and skills by participating in activities, events, and competitions.

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State and federal aid may be used for the diploma on its own or as part of the Construction Management.

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