Keys to Success: Instructor Showcase

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Keys to Success: Instructor Showcase

Unlock the Potential to Your Organization’s Success.

Kirkwood Corporate Training is hosting its tenth annual Instructor Showcase in April 2022! This free showcase will feature a variety of subject matter experts who are transitioning in their career as trainers. You’ll sample each trainer as they each give a 20-minute preview of their area of expertise.

If you're interested in finding new training talent or discovering the newest and most popular training topics to bring back to your organization, this is the event for you!

Date: Thursday, April 14, 2022
Format: In person
Location: Kirkwood Continuing Education Training Center, 101 50th Ave. SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
 8 – 11:30 a.m. (Complimentary lunch begins at 11:30am)
Price: Free!

Although this event is free, you must register ahead of time by calling 319-398-1022. 

  • Jackie Pelland
  • Spencer Stumpf
  • Lisa Even
  • David Hughes
  • Courtney Misener
  • Brian Christoffersen
  • Paulette Milewski

Event Schedule

Be sure to arrive early and check in before 8:45am, where we'll begin with welcoming remarks and introductions from the Kirkwood Corporate Training team.

Your brand is not simply a well-crafted profile on LinkedIn, or a stylized business card. Your brand starts much deeper inside you. It’s about being someone who has a point of view, an idea to share, a generosity of spirit. In this session, we'll discuss how you can discover the brand that's inside you and learn to share it with the people with whom you seek connection.


Speaker Bio

Jackie Pelland is a founding partner of the organizational design company, Slingshot25 where she designs and delivers leadership learning programs and provides executive leadership coaching. For 25 years before starting her own company, Jackie was an employee in multiple Fortune 500 companies. This means she is no stranger to complicated corporate environments that are often controlled by bureaucracy and office politics.

As big companies keep getting bigger and taking up an ever-increasing share of employment in this country, Jackie’s mission is to bring humanity and joy to the heart of the employee experience. Her message is consistent and singular: she believes every single employee deserves a great place to work. A place where they can discover and apply their natural talents in order to feel personal satisfaction and the thrill of a job well done. There is no question that leaders have an outsized impact on the employee experience – they make or break it every day.

This ability for leaders to affect our lives so deeply is why Jackie has spent her career studying the art and science of leadership. What she has learned along the way drives her insightful, fun, and welcoming approach to leadership development and underpins the unique programs she has created to focus on the essential and often-forgotten truth of leading people. 

Amid the Great Resignation, holding on to new hires is more important than ever but rote onboarding programs fail to build the strong connections desired. This session explores the basics of building connections with new hires and engaging their best selves to retain them from wherever they are.


Speaker Bio
Spencer Stumpf comes alive when he learns and teaches others new concepts to improve their lives, especially at work. As part of the Organizational Effectiveness team at Iowa, Spencer teaches best practices to supervisors across the University as part of the Supervisor Training@Iowa initiative. A first-generation Hawkeye himself, Spencer also teaches life skills to first-year students as an instructor for the First Generation Hawks program.

More than ever before, it crucial to build and maintain positive team culture. Often times, team members assume the leader is responsible for team culture, but the opposite is actually true. During this session, you will discover ways to engage with staff and develop a have good ripple effect culture blueprint. You will gain valuable tips and tricks on how to maximize your time, energy, and efforts. Participants will walk away with tactics and a high-level culture blueprint for 2022.


Speaker Bio

Lisa Even is cheering loud for all the leaders, teams, and entrepreneurs who want to Have Good Ripple EffectShe delivers high-energy keynotes and workshops that challenge audiences to think beyond their backyards and believe that they happen to their workplace, and not the other way around. Lisa is on a mission to connect with 1 million people and help people create ripples that turn into waves, big and small. Audiences love working with Lisa, often describing her as an energetic yet insightful collaborator with an eye for impact and ROI.

Lisa’s unique background in operational leadership and project management is both the foundation and springboard for her work. She attributes her success to the gritty, rewarding beginnings of waitressing in high school at R&R Café, the tiny café in Eastern Iowa, and her first group of direct reports that she had in corporate America. Those 65 people did more to fuel Lisa’s future than they will ever know! Through speaking workshops and coaching, Lisa partners with leaders and teams to relate, create, and innovate through connection, culture, and productivity. 

"TAKE 2" is a behavior based safety program focusing on worker’s conduct and the workplace environment. This hands-on session will focus on job task scenarios by taking 2 minutes to ensure safety is priority.


Speaker Bio

For the past 11 years, David Hughes has been the Fire and Safety Program Manager for Kirkwood Community College Continuing Education and Corporate training divisions. The position involves OSHA safety training for safety professionals in OSHA standards and safety behaviors.

In this training, we will define what a boundary is and is not, take a look at common boundary myths, and discuss how to respectfully implement boundaries in both relationships and workplace environments. This topic is an excellent offering for continued learning in a series format.


Speaker Bio

Courtney Misener has worked with nonprofits, start-ups, and companies both small and large to provide tools that promote emotional health, respectful communication, awareness around depression, empathy training, and how to establish healthy boundaries (with others and ourselves). 

Between football games, hip-hop dance recitals, and work, Courtney enjoys car karaoke, dancing in grocery store aisles, and generally doing everything in her power to embarrass her kids. She is currently pursuing a master's degree in behavioral psychology at Walden University. An Iowa transplant, originally from Tennessee, her southern roots will hopefully make you feel like you’re entering a conversation with a friend.

Our emotions are one of the most complex things we have as human beings.  Emotions drive virtually everything: Learning, decision-making, creativity, relationships, and health. Yet, they are something we rarely talk about or give their due attention to. Living in times when constant change and difficult challenges are the norm, better understanding our human emotions is the key to success in the workplace and balance in our lives. In this mini-workshop, we’ll explore that notion and learn about a practical tool that can put us on a journey to improving our relationships and outcomes.


Speaker Bio

As a career educator and life-long learner, Brian Christoffersen has engaged in a multitude of experiences that have enriched his understanding of our planet’s most valuable resource, human beings. He has served as a teacher and principal for twenty years, with seventeen of those being in high-poverty schools. His focus on culture development and systems thinking with a priority on community has led to many positive outcomes. He also worked in the human services sector for five years learning about mental health and developing skills in emotional intelligence where he led dozens of workshops for adults on topics of developmental trauma, neuroscience, and social & emotional learning among others. He has presented at numerous state and national conferences helping others develop their relationships skills.  Additionally, he is an adjunct instructor at Coe College where he teaches Human Relations. 

Brian’s passion for helping people understand themselves and others is evident in his highly engaging, energetic workshops. Whether your organization is looking to improve teamwork, employee retention, mental health or anything related to work-life balance, Brian can help! 

The customer may not always be right, but the customer is always the customer. In this interactive workshop, we will explore the connection between customer loyalty, company profitability and customer satisfaction. We will briefly demonstrate how effective listening and word choices coupled with utilizing your voice effectively can get desired outcomes.  


Speaker Bio

Paulette Milewski joined Kirkwood Community College a decade ago as Program Sales Manager, bringing with her considerable experience in sales, customer service and training.  Kirkwood Community College’s Corporate Training department works with over 300 employers annually on workforce training and hiring needs.  Most often she connects employers with subject matter experts and acts as the liaison, however, if the request is for Customer Service she often is the instructor drawing on her years of experience.  Prior to joining the Kirkwood team, Paulette had worked in both not-for-profit and private industries. She earned her master’s degree in Organizational Leadership in from St. Ambrose University. 

We'll wrap up the showcase and everyone is invited to a complimentary lunch that goes until 12:30pm.


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