Coaching Authorization

Coaching Authorization

Get Authorized to Coach in Iowa

A coaching authorization is required to coach in middle school, junior high school, and high school in the state of Iowa. To get authorized, successful completion of a 55-hour course is required.  Kirkwood offers a variety of state-approved classes, online or face-to-face, for you to fulfill this requirement.

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Certification requires a minimum of 55 contact hours of coursework. Classroom instruction or online certification is available through Kirkwood Continuing Education for the following courses:

  • Ethics and Theory of Coaching
  • Human Body Function for Coaching
  • Human Growth and Development for Coaching
  • Prevention and Care for Coaching

Coursework completed in the past may be used to satisfy all (or parts of) the Coaching Authorization requirements. If you’d like further assistance with your transcript or if you’d like to have a member of the BOEE review your coursework, please ask for assistance.

Applicants must submit transcripts to the state and pass a background check with fingerprinting before earning certification.

Fingerprinting is offered during the coaching seminar, otherwise, please contact your local law enforcement agency to find out if and when they offer fingerprinting services to the public.

Applicants under 20 years old will also need to upload a copy of their high school diploma as a required transcript into the online application.

Within five years of obtaining your coaching authorization, you need to participate in five renewal activities. These renewal activities must be sponsored or offered by:

  • An accredited college or university
  • Area Education Agency
  • Professional athletic association
  • The Iowa High School Athletic Association
  • Or the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union.

Classes, clinics, and rules meetings all qualify as renewal activities. Kirkwood Coaching Recertification classes are offered online for your convenience:

  • Coaching Recertification: As Good As It Gets (online)
  • Coaching Recertification: Coaching Teams vs. Individuals (online)
  • Coaching Recertification: Ethics and Issues in Coaching (online)
  • Coaching Recertification: Inside the Weight Room (online)

Additional Information

If you have a current Iowa teaching license, you can choose to add a coaching endorsement to your license by taking courses for college credit. Kirkwood offers credit courses that will satisfy the requirements for the coaching endorsement.

Please contact instructor Josh Troutman ( for more information on these courses.

Unsure when your Coaching Authorization expires? Use the license checker and search for your license to verify the exipiration date.

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