Safety and Health Conference

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Safety and Health Conference

Get Ready for the 2022 Kirkwood Safety Conference!

New name, same great event! In this one-day conference, come attend sessionsTAKE 2 logo that will provide guidance on, or reinforce, what you are doing to protect your employees. Come renew your safety perspective!

Join us on Tuesday, February 22, 2022 in this engaging, in-person event.

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Date: February 22, 2022

Time: 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Price: $189

We are back in-person this year, with select virtual sessions. We look forward to seeing you face-to-face!


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 The Hotel at Kirkwood Center is conveniently located just minutes from the Eastern Iowa Airport, Interstate 380 and U.S. Highway 30.

Interstate 380 northbound
Take exit 13, Eastern Iowa Airport/Ely.
At the stop light, turn right (east)
At the first stop sign, turn left at Kirkwood Blvd. SW (north). Travel just short of one mile.
The Kirkwood Center will be on your right.

Highway 30 eastbound
Take exit 253, Kirkwood Blvd. SW/Bowling St.
At the stop light, go left on Kirkwood Blvd. SW (south). Travel one and a half miles.
The Kirkwood Center will be on your left.

Find directions from your location or get a map of Kirkwood's Main Campus.

Conference Schedule

Arrive early to check-in and network!

Speaker: Dr. Lori Sundberg, President, Kirkwood Community College


Enjoy a breakfast sponsored by CRANDIC Rail, a Travero Company.

Speaker: Scott Burrows

Scott Burrows’ unforgettable story proves that limits can be exceeded, barriers can be broken, and that no circumstances can ever destroy the power of the human spirit. By the age of 19, Scott was playing football at Florida State University and was a top-ranked kick-boxing black belt champion, having his last fight broadcast by ESPN. That same year, however, his life changed dramatically. He was involved in an automobile accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down and diagnosed as a quadriplegic. Despite his grim diagnosis, he refused to be sidelined. Today, as an author, motivational speaker, wheelchair athlete, and successful busines entrepreneur, Scott seeks to inspire organizations to stand up to any challenge.

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TAKE 2: How to Take Action to Prevent Strains and Sprains | Caley Ploessl, PT, DPT

They say "it takes two to make a thing go right!" In this session, we will go over how empowering your employees to take two minutes each day to focus on ergonomics will reduce the strains and sprains that are driving up your work comp costs. Come learn simple action plans to prevent and manage these strains and sprains before they become a recordable injury, and save your company money, retain current employees, and bring in new hires.


Environmental Justice: How Can it Impact My Facility? | Misty Sinclair, PE, CM
EPA published the framework for the Environmental Justice (EJ) 2020 Action Agenda in 2016 which extends to all of EPA’s work. This presentation will look at how EJ is impacting permitting and enforcement activity across the U.S. and locally. We will also discuss best practices for managing risk associated with EJ and go into detail on the implications of Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) screening tools. Misty from Trinity Consultants will discuss current agency scrutiny associated with EJ and recent inspection activity in Iowa.


Active Threat Awareness | Charlie Fields, Lt
Are you and your workers prepared for this type of emergency? This presentation will cover current statistics and trends, how to respond when facing an active threat situation, importance of having an emergency action plan that covers active threat situations, importance of site security surveys, training employees, and conducting drills.


[Virtual Session!] Are You Creating a Psychologically Safe Team? | Lisa Schaeffer, MSE

When a crisis arises, the first person that people look to is the leader. Are you ready to take the lead? So that you aren’t consumed by the stress, anxiety, and reactions of others, it will be important to act based on your core values and with emotional intelligence. Your job as a leader is to provide psychological safety by creating an environment in which team members feel comfortable discussing potentially frustrating and stressful situations. Join us as we explore this topic together.

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Seeing the Signs of Stigma: A Safety Risk Factor | Lindsay Miles, LISW, and Chandran Lapel

Mental health disorders are among the most burdensome health concerns in the United States. Nearly 1 in every 5 adults age 18 years or older report having some type of mental illness. Unmet mental health needs can lead to increased physical health concerns and often reduce overall workplace satisfaction and productivity. The workplace can be a key location for conversation and related activities designed to improve mental, physical, and emotional well-being among adults.  However, the stigma that surrounds the topic of mental illness often inhibits these opportunities from occurring.  In this workshop, you will gain insight in order to recognize the signs of mental health stigma as well as tools and strategies aimed at reducing stigma and promoting a safe work environment for everyone.


There Isn’t an App for That | Kirk Dighton

Everywhere you look these days, people are looking for the magic bullet, the quick fix, or the perfect app to solve their daily problems and concerns. The safety world has plenty of software applications available as well, but it’s still about people and how you manage them for safety success. We’ll look at some best practices for creating a safety culture through human interaction, courtesy, and respect, as well as getting buy in from all personnel in the workforce. We will also review the importance of top management to completely support great safety programs and maintaining the culture.


FMCSA Clearinghouse Regulations and Drug Free Workplace Policy Guidelines | Sheryl Phelps

With all the changes across the country regarding marijuana, changes to your substance abuse policy may be necessary. We’ll discuss the 2020 FMCSA Clearinghouse regulations and updates, as well as the projected status of 2021 violations. Also, we’ll discuss possible changes/updates/guidelines you can incorporate into your company policy right away.


[Virtual Session!] NFPA 70e 101:  What to Know about Protecting Yourself and Employees from Electrical Arc Flash | Kamron Ailpour

NFPA 70E has many parts to it, from understanding the hazard and what exposure you could be confronted with, to what to wear and how to find out what is needed when it comes to Arc Rated clothing and PPE. Just because you have done this job a million times, it doesn’t mean you can skip on the PPE. We will discuss the difference in a daily wear program vs. a task-based program, along with understanding PPE and how to properly wear it. We will also discuss the importance of Arc Flash Assessments and how non-FR clothing will not only not protect you, but actually can harm you more.

Enjoy a delicious meal and visit with fellow attendees and exhibitors.

Speaker: Dr. Diane Rohlman

Suicide rates are increasing in the US, particularly in the construction industry. A workplace suicide prevention campaign, “You OK?”, uses toolbox talks to provide essential information about reducing stigma, recognizing warning signs, and talking about mental health.

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Building Strategic Thinking Muscles | Celina Peerman, Ph.D.

Today’s organization must respond to dramatic shifting forces, and a safety professional's ability to think through complex and changing situations is critical to future success.  Practice how to scan the external environment so it improves judgment and decision-making internally. Expand your perspective further, use tools that support strategic thinking, and learn ways to engage in new methods daily.


How Wearable Tech Creates Safety ROI | Tom West, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, COSS

As the world around us becomes more and more connected and data driven, companies have the potential to harness valuable information to benefit their businesses and workers. This session will discuss how wearable safety technology, machine learning, AI, and cloud computing are helping safety leaders gain valuable insight into understanding workplace risks, keeping workers safe, and mitigating hazards before incidents occur. Insurers are reporting a reduced number and frequency of claims by half, and severity of claims by as much as 90%! Case studies from deployments of wearables in a variety of industrial environments will be examined and examples provided of how the data gathered from wearables has led to: improving processes and facilitating work changes, detecting environmental hazards, uncovering harmful human motion, and positively impacting safety culture while respecting employee privacy.


The Risk Assessments of NFPA 70E | Jason Wolf

When your workers are at risk of electrical injury, it is crucial you stay up-to-date and compliant with the latest safety practices and provisions. Join in the session as ESCO Electric will share techniques and procedures used to meet NFPA 70E standards and drive electrical safety improvements. This session will include arc flash and shock risk assessments, hierarchy of controls, human performance, and job safety planning from design through equipment maintenance.


Construction Law and Reporting Requirements Relating to Workplace Safety | Kevin Caster

Come and meet Kevin Caster, a trial lawyer who focusses on commercial construction litigation. His sessions will provide a multitude of topics related to workers’ compensation laws and the reporting requirements. He will provide guidance on your liability for the actions of an independent contractor. Additionally, this session will cover  OSHA and IOSHA accident investigations and legal enforcement procedures. 


Fall Protection is Still #1 | Chris Dickey

The results are in: Fall protection, for the 11th year in a row, tops the list of OSHA violations for FY 2021. The session starts with the ABCs of fall protection. “A” is for anchor, “B” is for body support, and “C” is for connecting devices. The session then explores workplace fall prevention programs that you should incorporate, and OSHA’s Fall Prevention Campaign in May called National Safety Stand-Down, three simple steps; Plan, Provide and Train.

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2022 Iowa OSHA Update | Chris Downs

The numbers may change every year, but incidents and accidents remain the same. Workers are still getting hurt. Iowa OSHA is here to help you and your company develop plans to reduce and eliminate injuries in your work place. Join the session to learn what OSHA can do for you and your workers.


A Check In with Iowa’s DOT Enforcement Rules and Programs | Sgt Neil Suckow

Attend this session to discuss relevant motor vehicle safety topics to your company from the Iowa Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Enforcement. Sgt Neil Suckow will be presenting on distractive driving rules, the human trafficking in Iowa program called the “Freedom Drivers Project,” and entry-level commercial drivers’ training requirements.


How Great Processes and Employee Engagement Can Prevent Future Accidents and Added Claim Cost | Andrea Rogers and Tyler McAndrew

Having great safety systems does nothing when employees are not engaged. And having engaged employees does little when there are not good safety systems in place. Companies often adopt safety systems or focus on employee engagement, but often don’t employ both systems to effectively manage safety performance. In this session, we will discuss how to implement great safety systems through documentation and process improvement, and how to emphasize the “human element” when developing and implementing safety and claims related procedures.


MEWP: The Changes You Should Know When it Comes to Training | Floyd Sauter

The year was 2020, and ANSI released A92.22 and A92.24 covering the Safe Use and Training Requirements for lifts. From this, the acronym MEWP was born, the Mobile Elevated Work Platform was divided into Groups and Types. Then training requirements were defined for those involved with the MEWP, Supervisor, Operator and Occupant. Join in the session and learn about the American National Standards Institute standard for MEWP’s.

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