Pre-Nursing with Nurse Aide Certification

Pre-Nursing with Nurse Aide Certification

Join one of the best nursing education programs in the entire country. This academy experience specifically focuses on preparing students to work in a long-term care facility – performing direct care for residents in a nursing home setting, ensuring proper resident safety, hygiene, and nutrition.

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BIO-168: Human Anatomy & Physiology
BIO-173: Human Anatomy & Physilogy II
HSC-168: Nurse Aide

Senior Year Plus (SYP) Arts and Sciences Proficiency required or alternative assessment measures as adopted by student's school district. Recent high school Biology with a grade of B or higher is also strongly recommended.

Students must be 16 prior to March 1 of the year enrolled. Completion of high school biology within the last two years, with a grade of C or higher is recommended. Students must obtain 79 or higher in Nurse Aide course during spring semester to move on to clinical experience. There are no excused absences for Nurse Aide, per state regulations. Students must arrange their own transportation to clinical experience and be prepared for time commitment outside of academy class to complete the clinic requirements. Health immunization requirements for students taking Nurse Aide in the fall will be due on the first day of class in August. Health immunization requirements for students taking the spring section of Nurse Aide will be due in early November. More information will be provided in orientation.


Exact courses may vary. Contact your high school counselor or nearest Kirkwood location for more details. 

If you are planning to transfer to a four-year college or university after attending Kirkwood, specific transfer information can be found here.