Medical Laboratory Technician

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Medical Laboratory Technician

Explore Medical Laboratory Technology

This Career Academy experience provides several courses within the Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) program designed to give the student science and laboratory fundamentals.

MLTs are members of the healthcare and quality teams who perform, evaluate, and assure the accuracy and validity of laboratory test information. These trained professionals also collaborate in patient diagnosis, treatment and therapy, and are trained to work in multiple settings such as hospitals, physician’s offices, private reference laboratories, research, biotechnology, public health, nonclinical industrial laboratories, and sales or technical services.

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MLT-105  |  Pathophysiology for Lab  |  3 Credits
Presents clinical disorders and diseases commonly tested for in the field of laboratory medicine. Covers pathology, etiology, diagnosis, interactions and interferences, symptoms and prognosis.

BIO-161  |  Basic Anatomy and Physiology  |  3 Credits
Presents an overview of human form and function through lecture and laboratory.

MLT-106  |  Introduction to Biosafety  |  1 Credit
Introduces the basic principles and practices of biological safety in the laboratory workplace. Provides understanding of risks present in the laboratory and how to protect oneself from risks.

BIO-186  |  Microbiology  |  4 Credits
Surveys bacteria, viruses and fungi through their growth characteristics, morphology and pathogenicity. Introduces immunology and explores epidemiology and diagnosis of pathogenic bacteria. Emphasizes culturing, identification, aseptic technique and basic immunological assays in the laboratory.

MLT-115  |  Clinical Lab Fundamentals  |  3 Credits
Addresses the field of laboratory medicine. Teaches basic laboratory mathematics, testing methods, and quality control. Introduces blood collection and the study of common blood cells and blood cell disorders.


Development of entry-level skills and knowledge for those who want to pursue a career in the healthcare industry as a Medical Labarotory Technician.


Median Pay

$41,700 / year

$20.05 / hour

The state of Iowa employs between 560 and 2,000 Medical Lab Technicians annually.


Based on available Iowa salary data at

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