Pre-Criminal Justice

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Pre-Criminal Justice

See Where Criminal Justice Can Take You

This college-level course work is designed to prepare you for your next step into a degree program or familiarize you with the criminal justice system before you seek entry-level opportunities.

Through this program, explore fast-paced criminal justice and law enforcement careers with instructors who have been in the field!

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Course offerings may vary. Visit your nearest Kirkwood location website or high school for local course options. 

CRJ-100 | Introduction to Criminal Justice | 3 credits
Provides an overview of the American criminal justice system and examines the process of justice administration through the agencies of law enforcement, courts and corrections.


CRJ-200 | Criminology | 3 credits
Surveys the nature, causes and extent of crime and delinquency; major consideration is given to various explanations from numerous disciplines.


POL-111 | American Government | 3 credits
Studies American policy based on a close examination of the processes of decision making. Emphasis is placed on voting behavior and citizen interaction within the system.


ANT-105 | Cultural Anthropology | 3 credits
Explores what it means to be human. A comparative, holistic study of group life in various cultures is undertaken. Selected aspects of physical and cultural anthropology perspectives provide the basis for these cross-cultural examinations.


SOC-110 | Introduction to Sociology | 3 credits
Surveys the basic principles, concepts, research strategies, and empirical findings representative of the field today. Examines the range of sociological thought, identifies areas of specialization within the discipline and establishes a basis for further study in the field.

Many local, special, and state police units want recruits to have some college training. Certain federal police agencies may require a college degree. Many police units encourage new recruits to take college courses in police work. This program will set students up well for Criminal Justice careers. 

Potential careers in this field and salaries include:

  • Forensic Scientist, $70,400
  • FBI Agent, $97,000
  • Attorney/Lawyer, $108,650


Based on available Iowa salary data at

The Pre-Criminal Justice Academy prepares students for associate's, bachelor's and graduate degrees. Examples of college majors include, but are not limited to: Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement or a related field.

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