Agricultural Sciences Academy

Agricultural Sciences Academy

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Academy experience connects students with modern agriculture through class lectures, discussions, hands-on activities, and an introduction to the broad selection of careers in the field.

Kirkwood faculty from the #1 agriculture program in America will prepare students for immediate employment or advanced degree programs in the field. Class tours and internships create side-by-side work with leaders in the industry.

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Course offerings may vary. Contact the nearest Kirkwood location or your high school for local options.

AGA-114 | Principles of Agronomy | 3 credits

Presents instruction in crop plant classification, use and identification. Also covers cropping systems, tillage methods, planting and harvesting methods, and crop growth patterns. A balance of theoretical and practical crop science.
Arts & Sciences Elective Code: B


AGB-133 | Introduction to Ag Business | 3 credits

Focuses on entrepreneurship in agribusiness. Includes the study of marketing, budgeting, financial statements, purchasing, business structure, customer relations and inventory control.
Arts & Sciences Elective Code: B


AGH-221 | Principles of Horticulture | 3 credits

Introduces students to the field of horticulture. Students learn how to apply scientific principles to commercial horticultural practices and the improvement of those practices.
Arts & Sciences Elective Code: B


AGP-333 | Precision Farming Systems | 3 credits

Provides a background in the tools of precision farming, GPS, GIS and VRT. Introduces use of these tools within a precision farming system and their application on the farm. Offers hands-on activities with local data to provide a practical experience in the use of these tools.
Arts & Sciences Elective Code: B


AGS-113 | Survey of the Animal Industry | 3 credits

Breeds, basic management and marketing of farm animals. Composition, evaluation and marketing of animal products. Includes live animal demonstrations with cattle for meat and milk, horses, poultry, sheep and swine.
Arts & Sciences Elective Code: B


HUM-105 | Working in America | 3 credits

Introduces students to the humanities through an interdisciplinary study of work. By examining works of art, literature, music, philosophy, religion, history and anthropology, this course explores human labor in the past, present and future in an attempt to understand how work shapes human nature and culture. Focus will be on the meanings and values of students' work experiences.
Arts & Sciences Elective Code: A

Agriculture fields include specialty areas like floriculture, small animal services, nursery gardening, feed and seed business, fertilizer/chemical business and equine management.

Average Salaries

Animal Scientist

Health and Food Inspector

Environmental Engineer

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Kirkwood boasts the #1 agriculture program in the country. Transfer opportunities through Kirkwood's Agricultural Sciences department include degrees in ag-related business, parks and natural resources, landscape design, veterinary assisting, and more!

If you are planning to transfer to a four-year college or university after attending Kirkwood, specific transfer information can be found at All About Transferring.