EagleCard Policies

The EagleCard is your offical form of identification on campus at Kirkwood Community College, but it's more than just an ID. Your EagleCard is also used to:

  • Buy and sell books at the bookstore
  • Check out materials from the library
  • Register for classes
  • Give you access to the rec center, computer labs, and campus events

Following, you'll find important rules and policies about your EagleCard.

The following terms and conditions will govern the use of the EagleCard account:

  1. The EagleCard is the official identification of Kirkwood students, faculty, and staff.
  2. Misuse of college identification, such as transferring, lending, borrowing, or altering, is subject to a violation of the Student Conduct Code.
  3. The EagleCard account is non-interest bearing.
  4. Only the person pictured on the EagleCard is authorized to spend money from that account.
  5. The college reserves the right to change the account terms and conditions at any time. If a change reduces, limits, or restricts the account holder's rights under the terms and conditions, the college will give at least 20 days prior notice. However, if an immediate change is necessary for security reasons, the college may first make the change and then notify the account holder.
  6. Kirkwood Community College reserves the right to utilize any and all data and images for official college business.
  7. To receive an EagleCard, individuals must provide one piece of government-issued photo ID.
  8. Use of the EagleCard constitutes acceptance of the policies contained within the cardholder agreement.
  • Currency deposits in an amount of $1 or more may be made at any time at any EagleCard Deposit Center. Cash, credit/debit card, and personal check deposits will be accepted during normal business hours at the Cashier on the second floor of Kirkwood Hall and the EagleCard office (131 Nielsen Hall).
  • A $25 charge will be assessed upon receipt of a returned check.
  • EagleCard Deposit Centers accept major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.
  • Web deposits are available.
  • On-the-spot withdrawals of funds from an EagleCard are not permitted. Refunds from the account are only issued by check.
  • Refunds by check are mailed within 10 days if: A written request is received by the EagleCard office and the account holder graduates, withdraws or is dismissed from the college, and/or terminates employment.
  • Refunds will be processed for the account balance after charging a $10 refund fee if the inactive account balance is $1 or more. You are encouraged to spend the remaining account balance to avoid the refund fee.
  • Refund checks are written in the name of the account holder and mailed to the current address on file in the office of Enrollment Services for students, or in Human Resources/Payroll for staff.
  • An account will be closed automatically when you are no longer a registered student. Employee accounts are closed on the employee's last date of employment with the college. Any remaining balance in accounts automatically closed may be forfeited to the college.
  • Books and merchandise returned to the Bookstore will be refunded according to the existing Bookstore refund policy.
  • You can submit a request for a refund. Requests can only be submitted by the account holder.
  • After three years of account inactivity, funds remaining on an EagleCard will be forfeited to the college or turned over to the state.

Summary of Fees

  • No charge for initial issuance of EagleCard, reissuance of EagleCard to change preferred name and photo, reissuance of EagleCard to change legal name.
  • $10 fee for all other changes, including replacement for a lost, stolen, or damaged card.
  • No transaction fees for purpose transactions or for deposits.
  • $25 returned check fee.
  • $10 account refund fee.
  • Any balance remaining after three years of account inactivity will be forfeited to the college or turned over to the state.


Error Resolution

If you believe that your account was improperly charged, take a copy of your sales receipt or account statement to the location at which the transaction occurred.

Unchallenged transactions older than 60 days are deemed invalid. For other account problems or questions, contact the EagleCard office at 319-398-5680.