COW (Center for Online Writing)

Welcome to the COW (Center for Online Writing)
We offer free writing advice for students in all discipline areas.

How does the COW work? Do I need an appointment?

No appointment is needed! Submissions go to a queue and a writing center faculty responds (Monday - Friday) directly to your Kirkwood email. You are welcome to submit a paper during the weekend, though faculty respond to papers Monday - Friday.
IMPORTANT! Submit using your full name:

Our system cannot respond to your k number email account and our response to your help request will be delayed. *Use a - to separate first and last name.

How can the COW help? Will the COW proofread my paper?

Need advice on how to where to add details or improve flow? Want to make your opening catchier or tighter? Need help with focus, thesis, or paragraphing? If so, we can assist. While we will help you identify patterns of errors (such as fragments) and learn how to fix them, our mission is to help you learn rather than correct.

How do I know the COW has received my paper?

After you submit your work, this message will appear: Success! Your paper has been submitted to the queue. *Note, if our queue is full, please try the face-to-face center. Or, you may need to wait one or two academic days to resubmit once our queue opens.

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