President Mick StarcevichOn behalf of the faculty, staff and leadership of this great college—thank you for your interest.

At Kirkwood Community College, we are focused on success. Whether you are a prospective student or parent, an employer or simply someone who cares about the growth and vitality of eastern Iowa—you have an energetic, committed partner with us at Kirkwood. Since the mid-1960s our graduates have worked, raised families and prospered in this area.  More than 70,000 of these grads have applied their academic degrees to work in a host of fields. Tens of thousands more have enjoyed life-enriching experiences through our Continuing Education programs.

As our college has grown, so have the tools and facilities to meet the changing needs of our Creative Corridor. A key part of that growth in service is our network of regional centers. These strategically placed learning hubs give both high school and college students a wider, more in-depth set of class choices than would be possible at each school district alone. From Monticello, Washington and Hiawatha, these regional centers are advancing possibilities. On the north side of the Iowa City metro, Kirkwood has partnered with the University of Iowa and several school districts to further expand quality and opportunities in education. This is the first time in American education that a major university has welcomed a two-year college to build and teach on its current campus. Together, we expect many good things to grow from the shared work across our seven counties.

As people come to visit us at Kirkwood, many say, “This looks like a four-year college!” We appreciate hearing that. These modern, functional facilities reflect our broader mission of doing our utmost for the success of our students. We have to be ready to serve our area as quickly as the needs of our economy and our nation change. That is why we want our students to be ready, too: ready to learn and spark innovation, ready to work and create their own new possibilities for family, friends and fellow citizens.

We invite you to be a part of our invigorating work at this world-class learning center. New stories of success and fulfillment are being written every day at Kirkwood. Yours could be the next!

Dr. Mick Starcevich