2023 Employee Giving Campaign

2023 Employee Giving Campaign

It starts with us.

Kirkwood students go on to do amazing things – start a business, heal patients, build houses, perform on stage, and more! From the enrollment staff to the instructor who pushed them to think in new and creative ways; their journey to success starts with us.

For many students, finances create a barrier along this journey. Through the collective efforts of the Employee Giving Campaign, we are able to fund the educational needs of many Kirkwood students, as well as provide instructional and student support needs.

Yes, I will start a student on the path to success!

Don’t take our word for it.

We asked Kirkwood scholarship recipients, faculty, and staff members to talk about what the Kirkwood scholarship programs means to them. Here is what they had to say:



Designate your gift to the fund that is most meaningful to you. This year, you have a special opportunity to honor President Sundberg by designating your gift to the Student Emergency Fund in honor of her retirement.

As a token of our appreciation, we're awarding exciting prizes each week to two generous faculty and staff members who donate or already give by payroll deduction.

Thank you to our 2023 Employee Giving Campaign Captains and donors. You all are truly making a difference in the lives of our students.

A gift of any size will make an impact.

The example below starts at $5, but there is no minimum payroll deduction required.


Payroll Deduction Examples

Donation per pay period Annual Gift Offset the costs of tuition so students don't have to decide between
$5 $120 Buying a textbook or paying an electricity bill
$10 $240 Paying for 1 credit hour of tuition or paying the monthly cell phone bill
$20 $480 Paying for 2 credit hours or buying gas to get to campus, work, etc.
$30 $720 Buying a laptop for class or buying groceries for a family of four
$42 $1,008* Paying for 5 credit hours or paying for daycare
$50 $1,200* Paying for 6 credit hours of tuition or paying rent/mortgage

*Invitation to join Kirkwood’s President’s Circle


Kirkwood has 26 payroll periods, but the payroll deduction is based on 24 pay periods. For the two months with three paychecks, the deduction is taken from the first and second check of that month.

How do I make a change to an existing payroll deduction? If you would like to adjust the amount of your payroll deduction or change the fund designation, contact Eric Weiler at eric.weiler@kirkwood.edu.


Yes, I will start a student on the path to success!

The Kirkwood Foundation supports students, faculty, and staff.

  • Increases scholarship opportunities for students
  • Helps raise critical funds for student emergencies such as housing assistance, child care, transportation, and more
  • Strengthens academic programs and professional development for faculty and staff
  • Supports the Mini-Grant Program, enhancing classrooms and student experiences
  • Provides funding for the Endowed Faculty Chair Awards
  • Offers the Estate Planning for Employees Series