Agricultural Sciences

Two Years, Great Careers!

The largest two-year agriculture department in the nation!*

Kirkwood agricultural programs provide students with exceptional hands-on learning experiences.

Areas of emphasis include animal and crop production, wildlife management, horticulture, small animal health, agriculture business, precision farming, and diesel technology.

*Based on number of graduates.

Agricultural Sciences Programs:

Available Program Conferences

Program conferences are a great way for you to learn specific information about the program you selected and all special requirements, such as tool sets, time commitments and academic expectations. If you have not already done so, apply for the program online and complete a placement test. ACT or Accuplacer/ALEKS scores are accepted. Your program coordinator will use the test scores to determine your academic starting point.

Click the link to your program of interest below to register for a program conference. 

Agriculture — 319-398-5609

Animal Health — 319-398-5609

Diesel Technology — 319-398-5609

Horticulture Science — 319-398-5441


Agricultural Sciences Facilities

Washington Hall contains a variety of laboratories and classrooms related to diesel mechanics, GPS/GIS technologies, applied chemistry, ag business, and commercial wine making.

Programs of study in Washington Hall:

  • Agriculture Business
  • Agricultural Science
  • Diesel Ag Technology
  • Diesel Truck Technology

Students in Golf Course and Athletic Turfgrass Management, Landscape Maintenance, Landscape, Nursery and Garden Center Management, and Parks and Natural Resources gain practical experience in the Horticulture building that includes:

  • 8,000 square foot greenhouse divided into six separately controlled compartments
  • 30-station computer lab
  • Outdoor display gardens

Students in the Veterinary Technician, Veterinary Assisting, and Pet Grooming programs gain hands-on experience in the labs of Animal health. This building is a joint partnership with Diamond V Mills. Inside Animal Health you will find the following features:

  • Pet grooming lab
  • Animal surgical suite
  • Procedure labs
  • Kennel

To meet the needs of a growing horse industry, Kirkwood has added a new equestrian center to its campus. Explore more of the Iowa Equestrian Center and its facilities.

The center offers:

  • 100' x 200' indoor show arena with 240 seats
  • 130' x 300' lighted outdoor arena
  • 27' stall stable with 2 tack rooms, a stock veterinarian and farrier area, wash racks, lockers, and storage areas for machinery, hay, grain and bedding
  • Air-conditioned concession area
  • Modern classrooms
  • Parking for 200 vehicles

Agricultural Sciences Administration and Staff

Bradley Kinsinger
Title: Dean
Phone: 319-398-7670
Ashley Moeller
Title: Associate Dean
Phone: 319-398-7635
Kristine Weis
Title: Department Assistant
Phone: 319-398-7183

Agriculture Business and Agricultural Science

Rhonda Clough
Title: Professor
Phone: 319-398-5899 ext. 5132
David Harper, Ph.D.
Title: Assistant Professor
Phone: 319-398-5899 ext. 4244
Tyler Krug
Title: Instructor
Phone: 319-398-5524
Terry Chapman
Title: Professor
Phone: 319-398-5568
Josh Henik
Title: Assistant Professor
Phone: 319-398-4901
Rich Rourke
Title: Associate Professor
Phone: 319-398-4900

Animal Health Technology (Veterinary Technician)

Randy Ackman, D.V.M.
Title: Professor
Phone: 319-398-5899 ext. 5922
Erin Dahlstrom, RVT
Title: Program Director
Phone: 319-398-4978
Jessica Fox, RVT
Title: Instructor
Phone: 319-398-5899 ext. 1702
Mara Henningsen, RVT
Title: Vet Technician
Phone: 319-398-1027

Diesel Technologies

Doug Carlson
Title: Instructor
Phone: 319-398-4967
Eric Conklin
Title: Assistant Professor
Phone: 319-398-5899 ext. 5759
Lance Dvorak
Title: Instructor
Phone: 319-398-5899

Horticulture Science

Adam Boysen
Title: Instructor
Phone: 319-398-5899
Shane Chapman
Title: Program Specialist
Phone: 319-398-5899
Shawna Moss
Title: Professor
Phone: 319-398-5899 ext. 5136
Bob Smith
Title: Instructor
Phone: 319-398-5899 ext. 5127

Parks and Natural Resources

Ken Carroll
Title: Professor
Phone: 319-398-5899 ext. 5130
Zach Hall
Title: Associate Professor
Phone: 319-398-5899 ext. 4319
Richard Dunbar
Title: Technician
Phone: 319-398-5140


Hannah Dunlap
Title: Greenhouse and Horticulture Lab Coordinator
Phone: 319-398-5899 ext. 5100

Department of Agricultural Sciences
Phone: 319-398-5609
Fax: 319-398-5611