Registering for an Online Course

Academic Innovation, Strategy and Design courses follow all of the same guidelines as Kirkwood's face-to-face courses, with a few exceptions.

Online Registration Restriction:

Students with a grade point average of less than 1.8 for all online classes within the previous three years will have a registration restriction placed on his/her record. The restriction prevents registration in these classes until the average for online courses reaches 1.8 or better, or a three-year period has passed. The average for these courses can be improved by retaking failed or low-scored courses in a face-to-face format. This registration restriction does not prevent students from enrolling in face-to-face or hybrid format classes, only online classes.

Do you need to add a class after it's already started? Here are your late registration options.

How to Add Classes Late

Any student wanting to add a course after the start of class must go through the steps on our website for approval from the instructor.

Any student wanting to add a course after the start of class must go through the steps on our website for approval from the instructor. The second week of classes requires the Dean's approval as well as the instructor's.

Any student wanting to reinstate in a course after being dropped for non-attendance must go through the steps on our website for approval from the instructor.

If you are not currently registered for any courses at Kirkwood, please review the offerings that have not yet started. These offerings can be found on MyHub. Late registration requests are for current students looking to change their schedule or add a course to their existing schedule.

  • Review classes in Course Planner for which you would like to take.
  • Read course descriptions, verify prerequisites are met, and verify there is an opening in the course.
  • If you have passed the prerequisite at another school, please contact the course home department directly for a waiver.
  • Submit our late registration form.
  • Once submitted, your request will be sent to the instructor as well as the Academic Innovation, Strategy and Design Department.
  • The instructor will do a reply-all either approving or denying your request.
  • Once we receive the instructor's approval email, your registration will be processed within 72 hours with the following stipulations: A seat is still available when we go to register you AND you have met the requirements for taking an online course per our registration guidelines.
  • Once registered, a reply-all will be sent to the instructor's approval email confirming that you have been added to the course.

How to Take Online Course Exams

If you do not live near campus or a Kirkwood center, you may request that exams be proctored at a college testing site or a public library near you. If you are requesting to take exams outside of the United States, you must use the Examity online proctoring service.

Once you have found a location willing to proctor your exams, you must submit a Non-Kirkwood Site Exam Request Form. Please request exams as early as possible to allow time for the exams to reach your proctor. Once we have verified the proctor information, we will send your proctor instructions. You are responsible for any fees other testing sites may charge for their services.

Examity may be used by any student required to take monitored exams online. Any student testing outside of the U.S. is required to use this service for taking online monitored exams. 

A reliable high-speed internet connection with Adobe Flash Player installed, desktop computer or laptop (no tablets or chromebooks), webcam, microphone, and speakers are required. The Examity Request form must be submitted prior to scheduling an exam through the Examity website.

Photo identification is required.

Tell the test center proctor:

  1. You are taking an online course
  2. The term you are registered in or your starting date
  3. Your instructor’s name