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Test Center

The Test Center provides a quiet, comfortable, and secure testing environment for placement, distance learning, accommodations, and make-up/contingency exams.
The main campus Test Center is located in 2055 Cedar Hall.

Cedar Rapids Main Campus Test Center
319-398-5456 or 1-800-332-2055

Iowa City Campus Test Center

SPRING HOURS (Cedar Rapids and Iowa City)
Monday-Thursday: 8 a.m.- 8 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.

The Test Center will be open 8 a.m - on MLK Jr. Day. (placement testing must begin by 2 p.m.)

Placement testing at main campus does not need an appointment, but must begin by 5 p.m. (Monday-Thursday) and 2 p.m. (Friday).

Exams must be completed by closing time. Distance Learning, placement testing, department makeup and pesticide exams are given on a walk-in basis. HESI, TEAS and most external exams require an appointment. Please note: we do not make same-day appointments.

Photo identification is required for all tests.

Placement Testing

Placement exams need to be taken in a professionally-proctored and certified testing environment such as one of Kirkwood’s test centers or the equivalent at another college or university.

These three steps must be completed before placement testing:

  1. Student applies to Kirkwood;
  2. Student receives admission letter and K number in the mail. It will take several days to receive the letter in the mail; (Students without a K number cannot test.)
  3. With K number, student logs into the Kirkwood account, creating a password and setting up Kirkwood email.

Placement tests are offered for free+ to Kirkwood students for the purpose of attending Kirkwood. There are two placement tests taken on the computer – Accuplacer Classic for reading and writing and ALEKS for math. The Accuplacer tests are not timed. The ALEKS test has a limit of three hours and cannot be paused or stopped. Typically, though, most students spend an hour and a half to two hours to complete all three exams. No advanced computer skills are necessary, but students should know how to use a keyboard and navigate with a mouse. Also, these tests are designed to test students current knowledge for placement; no studying is needed.

Any section of the Accuplacer placement exam (reading and writing) may be taken twice in a six-month timeframe, a third attempt within six months requires approval by the Dean of Learning Services. If you wish to retake a portion of the placement test beyond the policy allotment, please complete this online form.

The placement tests are offered on a walk-in basis in 2055 Cedar Hall, Monday-Thursday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. and Friday from 8 a.m.-9 a.m. Placement testing can also be taken at any of the Kirkwood county centers in the seven-county service area. Call the specific site to arrange a testing time.

+ Placement tests can be offered for students to send to another school, but there is a fee involved.

ESL Testing
We administer English as a Second Language tests (the Accuplacer ELA test). This test is offered at Main Campus (Cedar Rapids), the Iowa City Campus and the Washington County Regional Center. The test is not timed, but allow two hours to complete the test. Results are presented to the student, who then works with the English Department (3051 Cedar Hall) for placement and registration in English Language Acquisition (ELA) classes.   

Department Makeup Exams
Students who miss regularly scheduled classroom exams can, with the permission of the instructor, take makeup tests here. Prior arrangements must be made with the student's classroom instructor before taking a makeup exam. Exams are filed by the instructors' last name and a photo ID is required to take a test.

Distance Learning/Correspondence Exams
Exams for all Kirkwood Distance Learning courses are available in the Test Center as well as correspondence exams for colleges, universities, and other organizations can be proctored at any of the Kirkwood test sites with prior arrangement. These exams are proctored for free to all Kirkwood students and employees, but there is a $10 test fee for others.

CLEP Exams
Kirkwood accepts several CLEP for credit exams, however, Kirkwood does not administer CLEP tests. The tests can be taken at the University of Iowa. Call 319-335-0356 to schedule an appointment. For more CLEP information please contact the One Stop office at 319-398-7600 or visit

Test Center Private Room Request
Requests for private rooms in Main Campus Test Center through the link below. Private rooms are only for students who have that accommodation. Provide your instructor’s name, the name of the test, the time you want the room, and the length of time you want the room. Also, you will be asked if have additional needs such as assistive reading technology or a scribe. A test center staff member will email you to confirm availability for you to take your test at the requested time. Once you have discussed taking your test with your instructor at the Cedar Rapids Test Center, you can submit a test center private room request.

Electronic Test Submission for Faculty
Tests for Main Campus and the Iowa City Campus Test Center may be submitted electronically. Follow the link to fill out an instruction cover sheet. (Exam files can be attached to this cover sheet.) Please fill out one instruction sheet for each student. For faculty who wish to continue to use the pink paper instruction cover sheets, those may still be filled out manually.

For more information regarding Kirkwood Testing Services, contact:

Patrick Muller
Test Center Coordinator