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The Work-Study program offers an opportunity for students to obtain a job to earn money to help pay educational expenses by receiving a paycheck bi-weekly.  By being found eligible and awarded Work-Study funding, students may apply for an on or off-campus job.  Work-Study jobs off campus must be for a non-profit organization or public agency, and the work performed must be in the public interest. 

Who Can Qualify for Work-Study?
To qualify for the Federal Work-Study Program, students must first complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which they can access at

How Do Qualified Students Find a Job?
Students who are initially awarded work-study have until June 30th to accept or decline their award through either EagleNet or by contacting the One Stop office.  Students who are not initially awarded may contact the One Stop office or Brenda Schafer after July 1st to check if they are eligible for work-study.  Being eligible for work-study is not a guarantee that a student will be placed in a work-study job.  Work-study positions are not pre-assigned.  If you are eligible, click on the Current Work-Study Openings link at the right to view all current job openings.  Students must apply for jobs and be hired on an individual basis.  Most work-study positions begin in the Fall semester.  If students qualify for Summer work-study and want to begin or continue work in the Summer, they should contact Brenda Schafer at 319-398-4934 or e-mail

What If a Student Doesn't Qualify for Aid?
If students do not qualify for financial aid but would still like to obtain a part-time job while attending school, they can click on the "Non Work-Study Jobs" links at the right. This link is a list of full and part-time jobs that employers have posted on our Jobs website.

For more information, contact Brenda Schafer (319) 398-4934, or 1-800-332-2055 ext. 4934 or e-mail her at Brenda's office is located in Iowa Hall 108.