Link to Kirkwood Community College

Kirkwood offers one of the lowest tuition rates in Iowa, and more than 60 percent of students attending Kirkwood receive some form of financial aid. Combined with Kirkwood's scholarships (more than $2.8 million awarded annually), this makes affording a quality education attainable for our students.

Iowa resident tuition is $145 per credit hour. That means a typical three-credit hour course will cost $435. Tuition for an average, full-time semester class schedule (15 credit hours) is $2,175. An entire program (two years of study, 62 credit hours for transfer) could cost approximately $8,990.

Nonresident tuition is $175 per credit hour. Therefore, tuition for an average, full-time schedule (15 semester hours) is $2,625 per semester. An entire program (two years of study, 62 credit hours) could cost approximately $10,850.

International student tuition is $290 per credit hour.

Distance Learning tuition is $140 per credit hour for residents, nonresidents and internationals.

On average, books cost around $500 per semester. This can be higher or lower, depending on the courses you take. Some of Kirkwood's programs have additional costs for things like uniforms and tools. Check with your academic department to see if these costs apply to you.