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There are two forms available to alter your password:

Change My Password
Use this form if you know your current Password and would like to change it.

Establish or Forgot My Password
(Password Reset)
If you do not know your current password and need to reset it.

Greetings, Students!
This is an important announcement regarding your Kirkwood password!

What and When?  Your Kirkwood password will expire on 12/30/15 @ 6pm CST.  Any time after midnight on 12/30/15, you will need to change your password using the Establish or Forgot My Password link above. (

Why?  Our current solution to allow single sign on to Office365 will no longer work, due to changes that Microsoft is putting in place with Office365.  Kirkwood will be making changes that will synchronize your new Kirkwood password and Office365 password.

Please note, that if you currently have your mobile device syncíd to access your student email account, you will need to update the password on your device after you have reset it.

Here are a couple of scenarios that speak to what will happen after 12/30/15:

  • If you try to access Eaglenet, TALON, Library services, or your student email via any of our Kirkwood web pages after 12/30/15, your password will be expired, and you will need to reset it.
  • If you have your mobile device syncíd to your student email, it will work up until the time when you reset your Kirkwood domain password.  After you reset your Kirkwood password, youíll need to update the password on your device to match. 
  • If you try to change your password using the Ctrl/Alt/Del method from a Kirkwood computer, this wonít synchronize the password with Office365, and you wonít be able to access your student email until you reset your password using the Self Service password reset page.
  • If you reset your password prior to us expiring it on 12/30/15, you will have to do it again after 12/30/15
  • When we launch the script to expire the passwords, it will process k#ís, one at a time.  So for a given student, your password may be expired right away at 6pm, or it may not be expired until midnight.  Ie..if you try to login the evening of 12/30/15, your password may or may not have been processed yet.   Once you try to login and canít, that is when youíll need to reset your password.
  • Once you change your password, it may take up to 30-40 minutes for Office365 to sync with this new password, so please be patient.