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Not Anymore is an interactive online program designed for community college students to prevent sexual assault, dating and domestic violence and stalking. Not Anymore also provides students with information on Kirkwood’s sexual misconduct policy and student support services available on campus and in the community.
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How do I access Student Success - Not Anymore™?

  • Kirkwood Community College prides ourselves on providing an enlightening college experience, which demands a safe and healthy student environment. All students, excluding high school and non-degree seeking students, are required to view and complete Not Anymore, an online interpersonal violence prevention program. This video-based program provides critical information about Consent, Bystander Intervention, Sexual Assault, Dating and Domestic Violence, Stalking, and much more. This program will help students understand how vitally important these issues are and will provide student support services both on campus and off-campus. Questions should be directed to the Dean of Students Office at 108 Iowa Hall or 319-398-5540.
  • Student Success - Not Anymore
  • New students will receive an email to their Kirkwood student email account from the ‘Dean of Students’ with information on how to access the program.

Why do I need to take a course about sexual misconduct?

  • Kirkwood Community College is dedicated to creating a respectful, safe, and non-threatening environment for students, faculty and staff.
  • So that you will understand the types of behaviors that constitute sexual misconduct and interpersonal violence.
  • So that you are familiar with student support services available to victims both on campus and in the community.

Who is required to take Student Success - Not Anymore™?

  • All new Kirkwood students (excluding high school students) are required to complete the program. New summer and fall students are required to complete the program by October 1 and new spring students are required to complete the program by March 1.

How long will it take for me to complete the program?

  • The program will take approximately 60 minutes. Please note you can start and stop the program but will want to save your work as you move along throughout the modules.

How do I "pass" the online course?

  • You must achieve a score of at least 75% on the post-test, or repeat the course until you score 75%, to pass.

Will I have to pay for the course?

  • No. Funding for this program is supported by the Dean of Students Office.

What different languages is the program offered in?
  • The program is offered in English, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese and Arabic closed captioning.

What do I do if I am a victim/survivor of sexual assault?

  • If you are a victim/survivor of sexual assault and find that you are unable to complete the program, please contact Dean of Students: Melissa Payne at 319-398-5584 or e-mail for alternative options.

What do I do if I am a student with a disability?

  • Kirkwood Community College prohibits discrimination in educational programs on the basis of disability. If you require an accommodation in order to participate in this educational program, please contact Learning Services at 319-398-5574.

Who do I contact if I have other questions?
Melissa Payne, Dean of Students: 319-398-5584
Bobbi Miller, Associate Dean of Students: 319-398-7798
Caitlyn Miller, Student Assistance and Title IX Officer, 319-398-4489, 2nd Floor Kirkwood Hall


Kirkwood’s Sexual Misconduct Policy

Reporting Sexual Misconduct, including Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment
Contacting Police or Campus Security does not mean a student must pursue charges. Campus Security and local law enforcement can advise students of their options and can also preserve evidence while the person considers her/his options.

Reporting to Law Enforcement
Because sexual misconduct may constitute both a violation of college policy and criminal activity, the college strongly encourages, but does not require, students to report concerns of sexual misconduct to law enforcement as soon as possible after the incident. A student may proceed under this Policy whether or not he or she elects to report to law enforcement as well.

For emergencies, contact 9-1-1. To contact law enforcement in non-emergency situations, call the non-emergency number for your local police department.

Reporting to Kirkwood
To seek assistance and support, or to report misconduct in non-emergency situations, contact the Dean of Students Office, 108 Iowa Hall, 319-398-5540 or Campus Security, 319-389-1774. Other reporting options include:

  • Submitting a Silent Witness Report
  • Contacting Title IX Coordinator, Jon Buse, Vice President Student Services,
    at: 319-398-4977, 114 Benton Hall on Cedar Rapids Main Campus.
  • Contacting a Deputy Title IX Coordinator:
    a. Melissa Payne, Dean of Students, 319-398-5584, 2nd Floor Kirkwood Hall
    b. Melissa Jensen, Director Emergency Services and Campus Security, 319-398-5491
    c. Bobbi Miller, Associate Dean of Students, 319-398-7798, 2nd Floor Kirkwood Hall
    d. Caitlyn Miller, Student Assistance and Title IX Officer, 319-398-4489, 2nd Floor Kirkwood Hall
  • Campus Security provides services 24 hours a day and can respond to reports of emergencies. Campus Security works closely with law enforcement and can assist students understanding their options for reporting incidents and assisting students in contacting local law enforcement to report an incident of sexual misconduct. Contacting Campus Security or law enforcement does not mean a student must pursue criminal charges. Campus Security can also assist students in safety planning and provides escorts to students while on campus. Campus Security 319-389-1774
  • Dean of Students Office: Staff can assist a student in filing a report or, if the student is not ready to file a report, the staff can work with him or her to address concerns over housing, class assignments or schedules, leaves of absence, withdrawal or other academic concerns. Staff can also assist the student in notifying Campus Security or local law enforcement, if requested by the student and provides referrals to students to resources such as counseling or a confidential advocate.




Kirkwood Counseling Services
Students can meet with a counselor during normal business hours. Services are free and confidential.
Cedar Rapids Campus: 319-398-5540, 108 Iowa Hall
Iowa City Campus: 319-887-3658

Riverview Center (Cedar Rapids)
Riverview Center provides trained advocates to assist victims of sexual assault. Advocates can assist students with medical and legal advocacy, counseling, and case management. Advocates can speak with students confidentially as they consider their options. Any communication with a Riverview Center advocate is legally protected under Iowa Code Section 915.20, which allows for confidential communications that cannot be disclosed without the student’s permission.
50 2nd Ave Bridge, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401

Sexual Assault Hotline
(24 hours a day) 888-557-0310

Waypoint Services
Waypoint provides shelter and support for women and families in crisis due to domestic violence or sexual assault.
318 5th Street SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401

24 Hour Crisis & Support Line
800-208-0388 or 319-363-2093

RVAP (Iowa City and Surrounding Counties)
RVAP is a comprehensive sexual abuse response center based in Iowa City, Iowa. RVPA provide support, information and advocacy to members of the Iowa City community and citizens of the following areas: Cedar County, Iowa County, Johnson County, Washington County
332 S. Linn Street, Suite 100, Iowa City, IA 52240
319 335-6000