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Advanced Placement (AP) gives you a chance to try college-level work in high school and gain valuable study habits.  If you get a “qualifying” grade on an AP exam, there are thousands of colleges worldwide that will give you credit or advanced placement for your efforts. For specific information go to

AP Courses
Talk to an AP teacher or the AP Coordinator at your school about the course you want to take. Discuss the course’s workload and any preparation you might need.

If you are a home-schooled student or attend a school that doesn’t offer AP, you can still participate. Each year hundreds of students participate through independent study. The College Board’s AP student site offers numerous resources, including current information on AP courses and exams and a section on exam preparation. Please check for current fees.

Students with Disabilities
If you have documented disabilities, you may be eligible for accommodations on the AP Exams. These include extended time; nonstandard-format exams (such as Braille and photo-enlarged); permission to use a Braille device, computer, typewriter or magnifying device; a reader to dictate questions; a writer to record responses; and/or a sign language interpreter to give directions. For specific information go to