Health Sciences

Find a future where you can put your passion for caring to work. Health sciences job shadow opportunities from Kirkwood offer a look into a huge variety of health occupations to help you make an informed decision. 

Discover the wide variety of careers in the field of human services, such as:  registered nurse, nurse practitioner, doctor, physician's assistant, medical and clinical laboratory technologist, dentist, dental hygienist, pharmacist, pharmacy technician, ambulance paramedic, audiologist, dietician, nutritionist, and physical therapist.

How to Apply for Job Shadows

  1. Review the group and individual job shadow opportunities available below and select your top two choices. Note: Your choices can be from two different industry categories.
  2. Review the application instructions.
  3. Start your application.

Group Job Shadows

Group job shadows offer a great introduction to specific health fields and allow you to explore a broad scope of careers within the highlighted path, all in one shadow experience. Group job shadows are a great option for initial exploration of a specific career or industry. Shadows are typically 2-4 hours in duration.

Note: Group job shadows with an asterisk (*) next to them are in-demand jobs in the corridor area, as determined by our area economic development organizations.

Group Shadow Opportunities

*Dental Career Interest Day: University of Iowa - VIRTUAL ONLY

Learn about a career in dentistry with the University of Iowa College of Dentistry. You will hear what the admissions process looks like as well as the various careers you can have if you would like to work with patients and their teeth.

Dietetics Interest Day: University of Iowa Health Care, Iowa City - VIRTUAL ONLY

Are you interested in a career where you can build patient relationships and help teach them something they'll use long after their visit? Learn about a career as a registered dietician-nutritionist in the hospital and clinic setting.


*Junior Medical School: University of Iowa Health Care, Iowa City - VIRTUAL ONLY

Experience a day in the life of a medical student as you engage in virtual medical training simulations. Talk with current medical students at the UI Carver College of Medicine to discover if med school might be for you.


*Mental Health Career Day: University of Iowa Health Care, Iowa City - VIRTUAL ONLY

Explore career opportunities in this growing field and learn how health involves not only the physical well-being, but also the mental well-being of individuals. You will have the chance to learn about mental health research at UI Hospitals & Clinics and practice your responses to mental health scenarios with experts who work in mental health careers.


*Nursing Day: Iowa City VA Health Care System, Iowa City - VIRTUAL ONLY

The Iowa City VA Health Care System provides Veterans with world-class health care and services. Please join us at the Department of Veteran Affairs Medical Center in Iowa City to participate in a simulation-based Nursing Day that will highlight the “Art of Nursing.” You will observe the professional nurse completing daily tasks, procedures, and activities. You will also observe staff interactions, patient interactions, and witness a nurse responding to a simulated emergent medical condition.


Pharmacy Day: University of Iowa, Iowa City - VIRTUAL ONLY 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to pharmacy school? You will learn about the admissions process for pharmacy school, take a virtual tour of the brand new University of Iowa College of Pharmacy, and talk to current UI pharmacy students about their experiences. 


*Physical Therapy Career Day: Team Iowa Physical Therapy, Iowa City - VIRTUAL ONLY

Join Kim Passini, physical therapist at Team Iowa Physical Therapy to learn all you need to know about this exciting and rewarding career! Kim will share information about what her job is like on a day-to-day basis, the skills it takes to do this job and the education needed. There will be time for questions and a game of Kahoot!


Physician Assistant Day: University of Iowa Health Care, Iowa City - VIRTUAL ONLY*

This session will explore the physician assistant role in health care and the top ranked program at the UI Carver College of Medicine.


Rehabilitation Therapies Day: University of Iowa Health Care, Iowa City - VIRTUAL ONLY

Learn about occupations in rehabilitation therapies. You will see techniques in clinical and educational settings used by physical therapists and occupational therapists while learning what it takes to be in each of those careers.

Genetics Day: University of Iowa Health Care, Iowa City - VIRTUAL ONLY

Learn about the latest studies in the human genome. Meet with a genetic counselor to explore different types of genetic disorders and discuss career options in genetics.


*Pathology Day: University of Iowa Health Care, Iowa City - VIRTUAL ONLY

Explore clinical and forensic pathology with a pathologist and a clinical lab scientist. Have the opportunity to investigate a mock case study and learn about the variety of careers available in pathology.


*Research Scientist Day: University of Iowa Health Care, Iowa City - VIRTUAL ONLY

Learn how biomedical researchers explore science through critical thinking, research methods, and different laboratory techniques.


*Healthcare Information Technology Day: Radiology Consultants of Iowa, Cedar Rapids

Do you love modern technology and wish to be part of the greatest period of healthcare transformation in history? Join us for a day at our state-of-the-art imaging center which is the heart of Iowa’s largest radiology practice. See how information technology enables improved workflow, efficiency, and quality across the entire healthcare spectrum. Discover the ways in which we use technology to deliver our service to hospitals and clinics across the state of Iowa. Interacting with our experienced and knowledgeable information technology staff you’ll get a feel for what it’s like to work in this highly in demand and rewarding profession.


*Radiology/Imaging Day: University of Iowa Health Care, Iowa City - VIRTUAL ONLY

Learn from UI radiology students about the training required to pursue a career in medical imaging and radiology. See pictures of clinical imaging units at UI Hospitals & Clinics to explore MRI, X-rays, CT scans, PET scans, ultrasounds and nuclear medicine imaging.