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Innovation Fund

Key Dates:

  • The Innovation Fund Application deadline is March 6, 2020, 11:59 P.M.
  • Project funding decisions will be completed and communicated by May 1, 2020.
  • Innovation Funds for approved projects will be available on July 1, 2020.

Eligibility to Apply:

Any faculty or staff member may submit a proposal. An individual may submit more than one proposal if each proposal is distinct. A proposal must have the potential for a positive impact on at least one area of the Learners Success Blueprint and must provide an innovative way to fulfill one or more parts of Kirkwood’s Mission.

Innovation Fund Process

Please review the Innovation Fund Process, the Innovation Fund Flow Chart, and the Innovation Fund Rubric below in conjunction with this application to gain a complete understanding of the Innovation Fund Process.

If you have any questions, please email


The application is an online process. The application is designed to assist the applicant in addressing elements in the Innovation Fund Rubric, but it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure each rubric element has been addressed. Attach any charts, graphs, or other supplemental materials in the appropriate section at the end of the application.

Funded Proposals

  • 2020 Approved Proposals

    Nursing Preceptor Academy

    Trisha Swartzendruber, Nursing

    Kirkwood Nursing students follow a preceptor in the hospital for 175 hours during the last semester of the nursing program. Due to a high turnover rate of nurses in the hospitals often our preceptors have less than two years of experience. Some hospitals offer a preceptor course; however, information is not consistent between hospitals. We will explore what each of these courses offer and work with the facilities to develop a course in which all preceptors in the Eastern Iowa Corridor Region could participate.


    English Language Learner (ELL) Health Pathway Course & Student Support Group

    Kathryn Dolter, Nursing

    English language proficiency is important to student success in pre-nursing and nursing theory, lab, and simulation-focused courses. This project will focus on the planning and implementation of an ELL Health Pathway Course and Student Support Group to increase the number of English Language Learners who matriculate into the Nursing or Allied Health Programs, who graduate from these programs, and who successfully pass the required licensure examination for their specialty.


    Product Development Planning and Pilot

    Stephanie Bredman, Continuing Education and Training

    In August 2019, the Continuing Education and Training Services division designed and implemented a research and planning process called the Opportunity Identification Process (OIP). The investment in new product development is essential to the sustainability and relevance of the CE&TS division. CE&TS will use the Innovation Fund to build curriculum for the FY21 product pilot roll-out and to perform additional product and market research for three ideas for roll-out in FY22.


    Kirkwood and 380 Express Partnership

    Nick Borders, Iowa City Campus

    The Kirkwood Community College and 380 Express partnership will provide subsidized transportation to the Cedar Rapids campus for Kirkwood students enrolled in career and technical education programs. The proposal supports Kirkwood’s need to offer greater assistance to our diverse student population and helps to promote equity within our community.


    Career Counseling for Partner School Districts

    Craig Stadtmueller, Jones County Regional Center

    Students enrolling at JREC dual credit academies who have received little career exploration support struggle to decide their futures. The Kirkwood Career Services Department has created an online course called CareerQuest, an individualized career exploration tool that takes students through a self-identification process resulting in their best fit career pathways which are tied directly with Kirkwood’s educational offerings. This project will modify the currently successful CareerQuest course and make it available to 8-12 grade students within our partnering school districts.