Special Notice - Beginning July 1, 2018, Kirkwood Skills Advantage will proctor NCRC testing for Kirkwood Students only. If you need NCRC testing for employment, please contact IowaWORKS at 319-365-9474 (Cedar Rapids) or 319-538-2336 (Iowa City).  

Fill in the form below to schedule NCRC testing to meet Kirkwood's graduation requirements. Providing correct demographic information will help ensure tests are properly scheduled and next steps are communicated via email. Here are the assessments that make up the NCRC certificate:
          >Applied Math, 55 minutes, 33 items
          >Graphic Literacy, 55 minutes, 38 items
          >Workplace Documents, 55 minutes, 33 items

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Cedar Rapids: Monday - Thursday from 8am - 8pm and Friday from 8am - 5pm. 

Hiawatha: Mon - 8am-1pm; Tues - 8am-5pm; Wed & Thurs - 8am-3pm and Fri 8am-10am

Coralville: Mon - Thurs from 8am - 3pm and closed Friday

No testing on Saturday and Sunday. Test center hours may vary during Holidays. Please submit your test date and time, allowing for 72 hours between submittal and date requested as shown in this example: 06/15/16, 3pm.

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To learn more about NCRC assessments, visit www.act.org/workkeys. Direct questions regarding study guide materials to ACT at 1-800-967-5539.

Questions for Kirkwood Skills Advantage should be directed to skills.advantage@kirkwood.edu.