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Computer Programming and Software Development Career Academy


Fast-paced, highly technical environment that blends hands-on skill development in a variety of areas to offer students a competitive edge in today’s technology-heavy workforce.

Careers in this field will continue to grow exponentially, especially in the next decade. This Career Academy exposes students at an introductory level to networking, programming, and PC hardware to give them a better idea of which path would be best suited for them.
Career Focus

Become better prepared for a wide-variety of college majors focusing on Computer Science fields.
Average Salaries
Software Developer
Web Application Developer
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Computer Programming and Software Development Courses

 Course offerings may vary. Visit your nearest Kirkwood location website or high school for local course options.

CIS-103 | IT Career Exploration | 1 credit

CIS-121 | Introduction to Programming Logic | 3 credits*

Introduces students to basic computer programming ideas and foundational principles such as problem decomposition and step-wise refinement. Explores problem solving using well-developed programming logic derived with pseudo code, flow charts and related techniques. Focuses on translating student developed solutions into simple programs for testing using an instructor-selected, high-level programming or scripting language. 
Arts & Sciences Elective Code: B.

CIS-171 |  Java | 3 credits
Introduces Java programming language focusing on the syntax of the language and the object oriented model upon which it is based. Teaches students to code, test and debug simple Java application and applets, creating their own classes as well as using classes in the API. Demonstrates the concepts of encapsulation, inheritance, information/implementation hiding, state retention, messages, classes and polymorphism.
Arts & Sciences Elective Code: B.

CIS-207 |  Fundamentals of Web Programming | 3 credits*
Presents hypertext markup language and cascading style sheets for encoding webpages. Introduces Server Side Includes and simple JavaScript for enhancing them. Emphasizes a structured approach to page layout, coding and styling, exposing students to a variety of software tools.
Arts & Sciences Elective Code: B.

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* Courses count toward Kirkwood's Web Technology/Development Certificate Program.

Career and Transfer Opportunities
The Computer Programming and Software Development Academy can lead students to college certificates, diplomas, associate's, bachelor's and graduate degrees. Examples of college majors include, but are not limited to: Computer Programmer, Business Systems Analyst, Internet Programmer, and more. 

If you are planning to transfer to a four-year college or university after attending Kirkwood, specific transfer information can be found at