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Determine if you are ready for a career in the education field and build professional networking relationships.


Students learn what it takes to be a successful educator in the 21st century. Education Careers is a pre-professional program that provides requirements of a teaching degree.

Career Focus

The program helps students meet transfer institutions’ requirements and provides specific training and general education in working with children or youth in educational settings.

Average Salaries
Training Manager
High School Teacher
Elementary Special Education
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Arts & Sciences:
Pre-Education Courses

 Course offerings may vary. Visit your nearest Kirkwood location website or high school for local course options.

EDU-110 | Exploring Teaching | 3 credits
Introduces the concerns and activities of beginning teachers. The focus is on developing generic teaching skills applicable from preschool through high school. Microteaching is used to simulate actual teaching situations. Case studies are used to discuss common teaching problems.
Arts & Sciences Elective Code: A.

EDU-200 | Topics in Education | 1 credit
Provides an opportunity for students to study a current issue in education. Topics are selected from the following categories: teaching methods, learning theory, motivation and professionalism. 
Arts & Sciences Elective Code: A.

PSY-111 | Introduction to Psychology | 3 credits
Introduces the scientific study of mental processes and behavior with emphasis on the nervous system, learning and memory, cognition, sensation and perception, motivation and emotion, personality, intelligence, stress, psychological disorders and therapy, and social influence. Stresses roles of both theory and empirical evidence in describing, explaining and predicting behavior. Encourages critical thinking about research methods and ethics.
Arts & Sciences Elective Code: A.

PSY-121 | Developmental Psychology | 3 credits
Introduces physical, cognitive and psychosocial development from a lifespan perspective covering conception until death. Provides an introduction to major theories and classic and contemporary research, and examines normative development as impacted by genes, maturation, experience, cohort, gender, race, social class and culture. Discusses topics including developmental research methods; genetics; prenatal development; infancy; childhood; adolescence; early, middle and late adulthood; and death and bereavement.
Arts & Sciences Elective Code: A.


Career and Transfer Opportunities
The Pre-Education Academy can lead students to college certificates, diplomas, associate's, bachelor's, and graduate degrees. Examples of college majors include, but are not limited to: Early Childhood, Elementary Education and/or Secondary Education.
If you’re planning to transfer to a four-year college or university after attending Kirkwood, specific transfer information can be found at